Monday, May 30, 2011

Arts Precamp!

Hi, I'm back from Precamp!

And I realized my skin color always lags. Precamp was on Saturday and Sunday, and today (Monday), I turned dark! There wasn't sun yesterday cause it rained, so most of my tan came from Beach Day on Saturday. And I'm only darker today. I woke up a lil depressed cause I thought I didn't get tanned at all.

Precamp was pretty alright, tiring as usual, and this time round, I found my "favorite" O-commer. Inside joke with the house ICs. Sunday, I woke up with a swollen eye because the night before, I rubbed my eyes and sand got into my eye and it got really red and scary. And the next day, I woke up with really puffy eyes (and funny hair too) due to the lack of sleep + of the sand the previous night.

Ended camp really late. Lebby came to pick me up ((: And he gave Ernest a lift to the mrt and we went off to have Scoopz at 11plus pm before we came home.

I had 14.5 hours of sleep... concussion much. I woke up with a shock cause I was expecting the time to be around noon. Then I took my phone and saw 0420pm! :O And 8 messages... I didn't even hear a single vibration of the messages, that's quite surprisingly cause I'll usually be awoken if messages keep coming. Results today. I'm thankful for the results. Not awesome, but at least it was constant and I got B+ for my 3101! Maybe that's a sign for me to do honors!

Sleeping too much makes me giddy. I'm feeling strange now, I think it's cause of the concussion that I had last night.

And I can't add images cause blogger has a problem! ): So I can't show you the very very few photos that I have from the camp.

Last night I dreamt that I went shopping (I think online if I'm not wrong), and all the clothes cost less than $8 and I remembered myself spamming clothes like crazy! And I was super happy cos I had lots of clothes on my bed! lol. I think I only spent about $50 but I really had about 10 pieces of clothings on my bed. So I woke up feeling so happy! :D

Incoherent post again. Want to blog, but nothing to blog about.

I ate dinner at 4plus 5 after I woke up, so I'm hungry again now! Only one meal for the day... hungry. I want supper!!!!

Goodbye (:

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