Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will There Be An End?

I heard this from Joson's blog. I think the tune's not bad even though I can't really understand the lyrics. I think all these kinds of songs made me someone who thinks a lot?

Vivid imagination.

Listen to sad songs on sad days will make you feel better.

Sad + Sad = Happy, since Negative + Negative = Positive

And I'm blogging today because I didn't go to work. Cough + Flu + Sore Throat = Report Sick.

I love equations.

Honesty is not = the best policy.

Silence = Best Response.

Best Response = Nash Equilibrium.

Nash Equilibrium = No one wants to deviate.

If you don't understand, you're probably not an Econs student.

Morale of the story, when in doubt or unhappy, keep quiet. YAY.

I have to start learning to control my fingers to ensure that they aren't that honest. I have to start controlling my mouth to not say honest things. I have to start using my brains to tell my heart to feel dishonest.

Then everyone will like me that way.

Remember, don't be too honest.

People hate you for it! :D

Don't understand? Then just keep quiet. It's the best.

Silence = Win!


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