Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sho Sweet

Heehee, prettiest friend. Nice. Not referring to me of course, but still cute cute! :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna cook! Stunner ehh. I'm gonna try cooking something for my mummy and I invited flabs over too. Mummy super randomly told me, "Ehh tomorrow you cook"... and I was like okay. haha. So yeah, I'm cooking tomorrow! (:

The damn evil friends of mine. Keep saying I stupid.

hohoho. My fringe is like long enough to be tied up already!!! And I'm balding! :O The part where my fringe splits!!!

heehee. Uber long hair that my mum keeps asking me to cut away.

YEAH! Surprise yo. Sushi and Fruit Tarts!


Being at home is so not productive. I've been procrastinating for the entire day. Plus I've 4 exams all in the same week. Which means I've very little time after each paper to study. Rah Rah Oh Mama.

Okay, time to go think of tomorrow again. Heeeeee. Love.

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