Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello. I'm here to tell you about my life which is a joke!

Today I was supposed to have driving lesson at 0730am (warmup for my driving test!) so I slept at 10 plus last night!

And I jumped out of my bed at 0749am, got a gigantic shock, got changed and left house at 0756am! Only had time to put on my contacts and get changed and brush teeth! Damn uber scary! Didn't even put on any moisturizers at all.

Then I went downstairs to look for cabs, and I deliberately missed the Mercedes one cause it'll be more expensive, then I took a normal one down to the driving centre!

Reached at around 0815am (half my lesson gone!) and the first thing the instructor asked for was my IC! And GG number 2, I didn't bring my IC!!!!

Like firstly, woke up late, secondly, didn't bring IC! Joke! And then I realized my mummy took my IC to photocopy and she didn't return it to me! Like FML totally!

Being really desperate, I called Caleb for help! Thank god he was willing to! Really feel super bad that I always call him super last minute!!! Then he had to go to my house and rush to the driving centre!

At first, I thought my test was at 9am, and then when it was 0905am, he still hadn't reached! And my instructor and I stood outside the centre to wait for him. And I probably called him like 3 or 4 times! Really sorry again!!!!!! He reached at 0910am and I took my IC from him, gave it to my instructor, and the two of us went running into the centre!

Come to think of it, it's like super funny, the two of us ran like crazy to submit my stuff!!!!!

And THANK GOD AGAIN! I managed to take the test.

It was like scary only. Almost struck the curb countless times! But somehow I managed to siam it! Parking was horrible, really. I went in and out about 5 times just to park! LOL! For both parallel and vertical!

Then minus more points here and there!!!


So I passed my test with 18 demerit points HOHO! Just nice on the dot! :D

And then, I went to watch the video, and I left the place because I realized I forgot to bring my passport photo.

Then Songminghan told me that I can take my passport photo there so I went back again!

So, I went into the machine and sat there, and when I was going to pay, I realized I only had $4 with me!!! The passport photo costs $7!!! FML again! lol.

I spent like $215 for the test + lesson, $11 on cab fare, so I didn't have enough money for the passport photo!!!! Stunner!!!

Anyway, so I left the place again! Without making my license lol.

And while I was walking walking, I was typing typing, and I stopped like maybe 3cm away from the lorry! Like seriously, I looked up and saw the lorry. It was right in front of my face!!! Damn scary. Haha. Almost bang right into it, face on.

So I concluded my life's a joke!!!!!


But I'm really thankful to God, really thankful to Caleb for having to experience such stuff and also my instructor who ran to submit my stuff!

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