Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think I just spammed Ah Tang with a super long message hohoho.

This was what I typed:
"And sian really must tell someone how unlucky I am! So tell you! You know I checked my iris then saw 151 coming so I walked to the bus stop to take the bus! (For your info, the bus stop is super far from my house and I have to walk up this really long bridge!) Then I missed all the 153s and 154s cause thought take straight to school! Then Wah Lao kenna cheated 151 didn't come! So I had to take 153 to btc to take this bus to my school! (Already super late already!) Then damn suay! My bus reached the traffic light then got stuck then the btc bus left the minute 153 reach the bus stop! Then sian! Then suddenly 151 came! -.- when it said it was only coming in 15 minutes (at the first bus stop I was at!)! Then waste money take that 151! Then reach school! Then dunno why got cut on my hand! And then wait for Caleb reply so randomly sit somewhere! Then suddenly wind blow then all my papers flew away! Like really la! Then sian pick up papers! Then now must sit and wait for Caleb cause he's having rehearsal! Okay end of unlucky message!"

Okay damn long message.

Like seriously when I was in the bus 153, I was already thinking, "I better not be so unlucky that my bus will get stuck at the traffic light and miss the btc bus"

And tadah, my prediction came true.

Then then then, sit down randomly on a random bench, then out of nowhere a random gust of wind came and randomly blew all my papers from my file away! Like why so unlucky right!

Okay, I'm having 4 hours break now. I hope nothing unlucky happen.


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