Saturday, April 16, 2011


Blogging is hard. I need to learn what I can and what I can't blog about.

Anyway, today started horribly. Woke up, got ready, some in betweens of internal struggling with myself, then I came out of the room to see the same Wanton Mee again.

It's the same Wanton Mee every single weekend.

In case you don't know, I'm someone who can't keep eating the same stuff. I'll probably get sick of it after 3/4 times of consecutive consumption. Like seriously, so I asked Daddy why it's the same old Wanton Mee again, then he told me to eat the ytf instead. BUT Mummy always buys the same ytf too, so I didn't want to.

Then I told them, it's the same ytf too! And tadah, Mummy scolded me, and random stupid uncle said, "tomorrow ask your parents get you bird's nest"...

And he didn't stop, he kept repeating, "Bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest........"

Like seriously wth, I got damn annoyed with his chanting seriously. What is wrong with him?

So, then again, everything must be my fault for talking too much again, so tadah, lesson learnt again, I really can't voice out my opinions because it makes people unhappy. (Keep quiet keep quiet keep quiet!!!)

And again, silence is the best way?

And have you ever tried adding someone that you remember from maybe secondary school and that girl (not even guy!) thinks you're a stalker and doesn't respond to your friend request. And when she sees you in school, she walks in the other direction! Real scenario, machiam like I'm some stalker. Like wth, I remember you from my house cheerleading team, I'm not a stalker! Stop thinking so highly of yourself, dumb ass.

Or have you ever experienced when you wrote to someone telling that person "Omg, you're like my best friend, really. I really like you a lot (okay maybe not so extreme). I bla bla bla. Today was damn fun with you!!!"

And guess what, your "best friend" doesn't reply you!!! Like malu only. And so you'll start thinking "It's one-sided??? She doesn't see me as a best friend. What a slut for thinking I'm her best friend!" Okay, when I was in Primary school, there wasn't sms, so we write to friends. Uh, loser-ish me.

Then you wished you hadn't written to her. Okay. Sad life me.

And the stupid uncle strikes again! -.-

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