Friday, April 15, 2011

The Food Post!

Hohoho, it's the time for photos again! :D

Actually, I'm not that happy because I just calculated my midterms result, the one that I retook and I did worse than before! ): So, my score doesn't change!

Anyway, photos photos! And you know what, my laptop is dying and I'm super damn sad I don't know why. The mouse pad is like half spoilt! Emos big time. I forgot if there's a warranty for my Mac. I don't want it to die!!! ):

And I typed (: and I tried to change it like 4 times but I still kept typing (: when I wanted to type ):! 

Random. Okay, photos!

Xiao Long Bao at Beauty World Centre! I think it's the Centre, top level! These are the best Xiao Long Baos I've eaten in my life! lol.

Met up with Jaljals for Ah Loy Thai last Tuesday! (:

The four + Me! :D

Gelare cause it's TUESDAY! :D

This super cute kitten went around scaring other students by jumping onto their tables. lol! Super cute.

8 prawns that cost us $16++.

Happy Lebby, that was before he saw the bill. haha.

Sambal Kangkong $8++.

Gigantic Man Tous at $1 each.

Gigantic Chilli Crab! DAMN NICE AND BIG! $42++!!!!!

As usual, all fingers used! :D

The gigantic crab meat!!! LOVE IT!! (: And the bill came up to like $88.30! :O

Yoghurt at Rail Mall!

Bento Set at Bishan J8.


This was the day we met Benny and Trixia for yoghurt! Pathetic yoghurt! Super super super little! Don' t ever eat the yoghurt from Coffeebean at Bishan! PHAIL!!!

Scoops Ice Cream!

Caleb ordered Honey Beetroot from Rock and Ash and it tastes really awful! Don't try it. Really.


The balloons from my birthday are still alive!!! :D

Work. This is probably less than 1/4 of what I usually check during work! @.@ Oh and at the corner the Yan Yan is super delivered to me one random day by flabs! (:

Ashtons with the tree!! LOL.

Soup spoon with Lebbs! My all time favorite Simon!!! (:

This is their smoked ham sandwich which is really good! (:

The usual closed-eye Lebbs. Scary Lebby.

Scary right. Mr. Goggles!

Dinner. Tom Yam Ramen. So so only.

I laughed at my burger the moment I opened the box. It looks retarded. I thought the burger was upside down!

But when I held it up, both sides were the same!!! Both bottom bread only! Caleb calls it the Mcmuffin.
Then when he took up his bread, HAHAHA! Two top breads. lol. My top bread went to his. His burger's like earphones.

Salty fries which we couldn't finish.



High waist pants is torturing me.


My artistic shot.

Another one. haha.

The tiny car which Lebbs love.

Ikea meatballs!!!

And pasta and porridge!!!

Yup, that's all. It's time for my bedtime! Tomorrow I'm going to school early again!!!

Hope you don't be hungry after reading heehee.

Everyday's filled with ups and downs. We're like constantly sitting in a boat...

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.

Goodnight! (:

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