Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Emo No Money Girl

Very sad me became even sadder after I went to interchange to top up my ez-link card and draw money.

My bank account is dying. $500++ inside, and I've yet to pay for my phone bills which is almost $82. And I can't pay with Nets cause the money inside will definitely drop to below $500 and no no no, they will start deducting money from my bank.

Like damn emo. And when I see nice things online, I can't comment and say I wanna buy it cause I can't transfer them money. No money is so sad.

I think part of my money went to driving. Seriously, almost $300 for a driving test + warm up. I don't even remember drawing any money recently. I've been staying home almost everyday. I only eat a meal out if I ever go out. AND OMG, I JUST REALIZED I STILL HAVE CREDIT CARD BILLS TO PAY! Shoot me.

I'm going bankrupt :O

1 May, gahmen will give me money. I wish today's 1st May.

Omgggg, damn emo. No money ):

Time for lunch, mummy just finished cooking...

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