Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging In School

I'm waiting for my project meeting which is at 3pm. It's 0252pm now, I've 8 minutes to complete my blogpost.

Cough didn't become better. I think maybe it's really time to go see a doctor. Panadols don't satisfy my throat! =/

And in the library, it's super hard to cough. I feel bad disturbing the silence. @.@

But well, I just plucked in my ear piece so it isn't that quiet because there are songs playing in my ears so I feel I can cough.

Talking nonsense took up a minute of my 8 minutes.

Oh mine, editing the above paragraph took another 2 minutes! :O

Time flies. I've got to start on the captions.

This is my boyfriend who's constantly like this in every lecture. lol.

My grandma ((:

Ah Tang.

Crazy Tang.

Jimmy fireboy, Liling tangtang, Yuqing Xia Da Yu Uncle.

LLS! Useful tree! (:


JALLS! :D My friends commented saying that all of us look very young!!!

Pancakes sure hangover. haha. Strictly Pancakes with Flabs and Kevin. This is my chunky chicken pancake which was so so only.

Flabs with his Nutella and Peanut Butter Pancake.

Ah Phoon and Hanxie's half a head.

They made me do the smile without eyes like that guy on the poster.

Supermodel Xie.

Kawaii Kwan.

haha. This is my real hair. lol. This random guy messaged me on facebook to compliment this photo and asked if this is my real hair or a wig. HAHA! Reply you now! It's my real hair it's my real hair. You wanna try pulling?

This small lizard fell on Waikit and all of us freaked out. lol okay, only I freak out. HAHA!

Mel and Hanxie who only wanted half his face in the photo.

I like my hamster face. Evil hamster.

Xclusive! (:

Guess who's the birthday boy? HAHA! Songminghan totally just mixed in with us.

Yoghurt at Paya Lebar Coffeebean! (:

At the pinnacle! (: Xiaoken's place!!!

Pizza for dinner!

Do you know, the big panda used to be the same colour as the small panda? HAHA!

Annie kissing the clean panda!

Okay, it's 0304pm. 0303pm on my phone. Anyway, time for meeting! ):

And I'm not studying because I didn't bring anything except for my laptop and my tutorial. I've only an hour of tutorial today! ):

Okay late for meeting. Byyeeee! (:

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