Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And who am I?

That's a secret I'll never tell.

Gossip Girl

Tuesdays are always Jaljals Day! I went to meet Ah Tang to study! Then ytf at NP! Awesome ytf! Cheap and good!!! Annie came over to join us for mugging session too! :D

And we bus-ed home with Lili! :D

Head-to-heart-talk + Heart-to-head-top. lol.

My back's been aching a lot. Tang says it has something to do with my kidney :O

And I was thinking, I need a bwes fwen. Will someone be my bwes fwen?

Tanlili says I'm a skali cat cause I always walk the long way back. BUT, the last time I saw her, I seemed as if I was gonna walk the long way, but eventually I chose the ulu short way okayy!!! And today I walked the short way back too! I'm not a skali cat. I'm a brave girl!!!

Funny things happened on bus, Bmos, Jimmy Chua, Office, last name I can't write here. Hohoho. Joke.

Love love, tuesdays tuesdays, everybody love tuesdays.

Oops I've been on the lappy ever since I came back.

It's time for bed! Yeah, if only there weren't exams, then we can go to Ah Loy Thai everyday and laugh at retarded things while we're on the bus.

Bmos really made my day. "Ohhh, so you're the friend who kissed my friend!!!!" -noooo, drags her away!-

Hohoho, instead of kissed, I typed killed instead. If that actually happen, it probably won't be just a thought, it'll be more like a "OMG, THAT GUY! I'm gonna kill him right now!" -slash slash slash-

And I just realised instead of day, I wrote way.

It's really time for bed.

Tuesday, tuesday, if only everyday's tuesday!

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