Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There is something wrong with blogger, I can't upload my photos properly so they are in chapalang order + I had to add them one by one!!! >:(

Anyway, I haven't been typing wordy posts recently. it's always photos, photos and more photos!!!

Tomorrow there isn't work! That's the reason why I'm still here at 0140am! I watched Love Buffet just now and I didn't really like the most recent episode because there was so few scenes of Yan Ya Lun! My new love (:

Then I went to bathe and I thought I should sleep right after I bathe! But turned out that CY messaged to tell me that I didn't have to report for work! (: So I get to study tomorrow! (:

And on a random note, I feel like things have changed. I feel like I've became a different person. I didn't use to like apologising in the past. I didn't like to be the one to give in. It's like so many things have changed, they are no longer the same. They feel so different. Perhaps time really changes things? And the worst thing is, once things change, it's damn freaking hard to make it return to normal. It just remains at where it has become!

Okay, I was really busy for the past few weeks. Exams, preparing cards and presents, red bull thing, meeting up with friends. It's like I almost feel like I'm suffocating sometimes. I think I have damn poor time management! Seriously.

Breakfast at Wild Honey! Expensive breakfast!
Yummy!!! (:
My Tang Hun when I went to SMU to study with Liling and friends.
My student!

Attitude luh she.

My 57  points word!
This Tangs really damn lame!

Strictly Pancakes!!
Smoked Salmon Pancake!
Garlic Prawn!
Random note that I wrote! "Einstein can cycle" @*#&!(#&@($
My pink stuff! (:
Pink bag and pink wallet! (:
Ah Phoon.
Ah Meow.
Ah Meng.
Super awesome restaurant at Lucky Plaza! Rabbit Restaurant!
ION toi toi.
YAY!! (:
Picnic with Nine (Caleb's JC clique!).
The sick Fabby.

And I'm damn noob at climbing tree. Totally fail max. Plus, I'm having a muscle ache now!! -.-


Happy Day.
And I think this dress (can put belt!) is nice!! But it's too loose for me so I couldn't fit!!! )):
During lecture, Calbee's slippers fell off without him knowing!
My pigs! Ian said I can draw quite well wahaha!
Random photo I can't remember when I took it!
At Ice-Cream place at Sixth Avenue!
Tea Party! The soup is yummaye!
Prawn Aglio Olio!

I forgot to take a photo of the Roasted Duck Pizza that we ordered too!!! ):

That was not too bad, Timbre's one is nicer though.

I'm starting to feel tired. Blogging drains my energy!!!

I'll study hard tomorrow! Do tutorial, read readings before I meet the useful tree for some shoppaying!


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