Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Stomach's Rebelling!

Hey, Hey friends.

My stomach is really terrible. I found out many things about myself recently. Many things I can't do.

Firstly, I can't eat too full.
Secondly, I can't drink too much water.
Thirdly, I can't go to the public toilet after I've just eaten.
Fourthly, I can't cough too hard when I'm too full.

All the four things above lead to puking.

I was bathing, bathing and my throat suddenly felt really ticklish. So I coughed. And I coughed. And I couldn't stop coughing. And since I was bathing I couldn't drink water, and my throat really felt so ticklish I coughed non-stop and the next thing I knew, out came my food into the toilet bowl.


I think my stomach's damn weak. Cough cough also can cough out food! @.@ That was cause I had Korean BBQ buffet with the house ics and I was really thirsty when I reached home and I drank lots of money. Therefore, conclusion, the above four sentences.

Lousy me. I was controlling super hard to keep my food inside, but it completely failed and came pouring out! >:(

Alright, shall stop grossing y'all out. Photo time! (:

Ah Tang and Annie went to Holland V to get Helium balloons for my birthday! Thank you Jaljals for the balloons! (: They had to sit with the ballons behind for the journey from Halland V to Kevin's place! HAHA!

The 20 balloons! One burst when I was taking photos! ):

My beloved boyfriend holding the balloons. HAHA! Like prince charming?

Love the background! (:

My art piece!!


Thank you Jaljals again for helping with the drawings. Especially Jessica! (: Annie, my hubby!


Tang Tang!

Xclusive! (:

Ahh, unnatural smile Ah Phoon! haha.

Remember to practise your smile okay! LOL!

The Chingay Peeps.

A nice candid shot for once!

Make a wish, make a wish.. la la la la la la la la la la.

Calbee looks so forced... =/

And after looking at this for maybe 20 times, I still don't think I look at all funny in this photo. I don't know how come Songminghan can laugh for so long at this.





Really Mafia.


BOOZA!! (:



From Puden's camera! While preparing.

Balloons balloons. 


The balloons are really expensive by the way!!! @.@

JALJALS again.



NINE! (:

Bald Lebbs.


Favorite photo of the lot!! (:


I think the standard of Hatched deproved! The mashed potato isn't as awesome as before!

And this add-on tomato costs $1! And it wasn't even like super super nice. Not the same taste as the tomato I ate the other time!

Gelare waffle for tea break! (:

At Everything With Fries for $1 fries!

And Korean BBQ buffet with the House ICs for dinner!

Super extremely full!!!

HOUSE ICS!!! More presents again! lol. Thank you for the presents! (:

Cut Daniel off!

And cut Xavier off! haha.

My nails that I printed in maybe 15 minutes!

YAY! Finished blogging about my birthday! I'm really sleepy nowwwss. But my hair is still wet. I'm starting to have a lot of type mistakes cause I took off my contacts and from where I'm sitting I can't really see the words clearly lol.

So tired my eyes. I want to sleep already!

Pimples. Pimples. Go. Away. Don't. Come. Back. Another. Day. Thank. You.

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