Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love The Way It Is!

Hello. Surprised to see me here? (:

I'm blogging again!!!

Today was great. Relaxing day. Stayed at home to do nothing, tried to read but failed. Went out to settle my cake and gonna settle the buffet soon! (: Happy Happy!

Then it was meeting with LS! The Useful Tree! (:

Yummy Phad Thai at Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Tower! (:
Fried Calamari! (:
Tom Yam Soup! (:
Some Mango Crispy Chicken! (:

Haha, then the fried rice took an hour to come so I forgot to take a photo of it!!! But I love the place, I'm so gonna bring Fabs there one day!!! (((:

Fabs cut his hair today! It's super nice, he said he's not going to wash his hair for a month!
Like Like Like!
Fierce looking him! He's scary looking these days! @.@

Anyway, did you know I hate bathing!

I haven't bathed! But I hate bathing rahhh. I wish there will really be this machine next time, once I step inside, it will auto clean me and I'm be sparkling clean once I step out of it! (:

Heehee. I should stop dreaming and bathe myself!

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