Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally!!! (:

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Do you all miss me??? Or rather my posts??? (:

Exams finally ended today! 6-8pm, my last mid-term! (: Although there's another mid-term essay due I don't know when maybe soon, I'm still free! Freedom!!! (:

So, as usual, I'm gonna spam photos. And oh, my birthday venue isn't confirmed because my friend hasn't booked the place yet. I hope it'll be booked soon so I can tell y'all the venue! It's like super soon!!! I haven't gotten my dress and stuff yet! @.@

My eyes are closing o.o


Doraemon! (:

I love Pikachu! It's super duper cute max!!! :D


Card making at Tang's house again! The three of us are so pro at cards already, seriously.

Then another day, we went to search for Annie's present. Haji Lane has damn a lot of stairs!!! Super steep stairs somemore!!!

And yet another day, Tang and I went to Thomson Plaza to study and we bought the materials for the rainbow!

As colourful as my files! :D

The Useful Tree!

Dinner at Nasi Lemak place again! It's always our dinner place when we go to search for presents!

Photos are in random order cause I was too lazy to rearrange them! Pooh Pooh! At Tang's house AGAIN! To do the card!




Snapped photos while Shunli was talking to Gabby on the phone! lol

Card Card

Done!!!! (((:

Then they went mad! Cause we still had to do up the decorations! Slept at 5am that day omggg, thank god Jessica was there to help the three of us, if not Tang and I would have been dead cause Lili fell asleep around 3plus4!!!

(: Bun-ed up my hair to curl it! Annie's birthdayyyyy!

The rainbow!!!!


Our cushions! (:

Then Ahli locked Tang out of the door! 


haha, the two of us went mad.

Holding Jessica's plate!




Eunice's pose!

I think this was the day when Tang and I went to Annie's place to swim!

haha, present searching day!


Blue hair!!!

Poohie and Meowie!

My new profile picture! lol.


Fabby, we're on teevee!!!


Jaljals + Fabby!



I think the card's damn awesome seriously!



Yay, end of photos. I want to sleep now. But I can't cause my hair's still wet! I'm super happy I can go out and play! Lol. 2 audits to do, which is horrible. I don't want to do auditing!!! ):

But EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!! (((: Midterms actually, not exams exams.

haha, okayyyyy. Yay! (:

Tanahli, I'm also very happy that my exams are over! (:

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