Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat Too Much

Today's eat too much day!

I had lunch in the morning, bak kut teh, veggie and rice.

While I was working, I only had an energy bar.

Early dinner with Fatlebbs at Ah Loy Thai (LOVE THE PLACE!!!)! Fried Calamari in Butter Sauce (DAMN GOOD!!!), Phad Thai (Really the nicest Phad Thai I've eaten!) and Seafood Tom Yam Soup!

Then I had I Love Taimei's Milk Tea cause I was thirsty.

And lastly, ice cream at Tom's Palette.

You know what's the consequence of having so much food?


I puke maybe a quarter of the food I had out. I came home, felt giddy cause I felt really full. And before I went to bathe, food just came pouring out. There goes my Tom Yam Soup and Calamari and Phad Thai hurhur.

Moral of the story, stop eating when you're full.

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