Thursday, March 10, 2011

Downwards Trend

Hello. I'm feeling quite sad because I just got my 3101 results. Seb called me to tell me he got 6 mistakes and I went to check and tadah, I did worse than him. Bad results + that's one of the mods that I've to get B+ for! It's a pre-requisite to do Honors ):

It's always like that.

Today was sleepy day. I felt really sleepy during 4-6 lecture because I only had around 7 hours of sleep last night! @.@

Then I had meeting with the O Comm. And at 8plus, set off to Joe's Kitchen.

Kumlong, Puden, Benny, Shawn, Amanda, Calbee and I.

We had super a lot of food!

Phad Thai, Fried Vermicelli, Olive Fried Rice, Tom Yam Soup, 2 Omelettes, Sambal Kangkong, Stuff Chicken Wings, Sweet and Spicy Fried Fish, some Fishcake thing and 2 plates of Mango Sticky Rice!

My stomach's still super full from all the food!!! We had to stuff ourselves in order to finish them! But thank god Benny helped a lot! And Amanda paid for the bill cause the restaurant was opened by her parents! Super nice of her!!! Somemore, she ordered so much food for us!!!

I'm still sad over my 3101. Emos.

And the irony is that even though I'm sad here blogging about it, but when people comment on my wall or message me, I still put "hahaha" or "(((:" when I'm not laughing or smiling at all. I put that because I dislike people who are unfriendly over messages! -.-

Anyway, I really think that diminishing marginal utility occurs in reality. It seems like the longer the period of time, or the more of good x that you get, your rate of return/rate of enjoyment falls. Perhaps that is why relationships don't last long because people start to get sick of each other after a year or something. Then even though they feel sick of the person, they hang on because it has became their habit to rely on the person. But it's like super obvious that you don't love the person as much as before, you're just holding on for the sake of holding on.

It's the break-up period once again. So many people around me broke up. I'm still together with Calbee. I'm just stating things that I've observed.

This kind of posts occur when I'm bored. There is nothing for me to do, no happy shows for me to watch, no one to talk to me on facebook or message or twitter or whatsoever. It will cause me to think of some really negative things and become more unhappy about everything in the world. Plus, my 3101 results.

Why. What is god's plan?

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