Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ello. I'm sad that I've an essay due on Friday.

I don't even feel like my birthday's coming. Cause I feel more for my essay that is due.

Seriously. Why essay. Why essay. Why essay.

1500 words. I'm bad at writing.

Wrote for 2.5 hours and only 140 words. Slow max.

Didn't join Jaljals cause I've got to start on my essay! ):

I ate a Ba Zhang just now. Ba Zhang. Gigantic Ba Zhang.

It's super oily and fattening. But I like it.

So full nows!

Woohoo, wasting more time blogging.

My handsome baybee. HAHA! So mushy.


This was supposed to be a "I just got raped" photo.

Ahh, Mel forced me to do this. I kept telling her sexy is not my thing. But point to note, illusion though, my boobs look gigantic here. Illusion. But still happy.

Laugh at Waikit!

HAHA! I was doing this face to imitate Waikit's expression in the next photo!

Look at the second photo! LAUGH AT HIM!


Heels day!

One day, we met up with Aussie, Ah Cai and Colby.

Speaking of Colby, he was wearing EXERCISING CLOTHES in school today and his explanation was, "I had midterms and I came from home!"
And immediately I told him, "Woah, don't you come from home everyday!??!" HAHA! And I thought he wanted to say he was going for an exercise or something. LOL!

Funny Colby.

Right Yip Meng, ESSAY! Not blogging!

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