Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Blues!

I woke up at 730am, had a damn weird dream and woke up feeling super tired!

Started school at 9am.

Tutorial till 10am, sat at Windy Place alone till 11am. Did a survey, took a polariod for some campaign, got a goodie bag which increased my load horribly.

Tutorial from 11-12noon.

Lecture over at Science from 12-2pm.

Finally, lunch.

Got to put my textbook and goodie bag down in Fabs' car.

Slacking at bk now alone till 4pm.

Lecture from 4-6pm.

Meeting after lecture at 6pm.

Haven't exactly done my part for the meeting.

Going over to lillian's house at 830pm.

My day's only gonna end around 10pm.

Monday is horrible.

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