Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Waiting For My Hair To Dry!

It's finally the one wek break! Study break, not holidays okay! ):

But I'm glad that I'll get to have some rest time during this one week break! I think I'm the one of the very few poor souls who has 5 midterms plus a soci term paper. That simply means, all the modules I'm taking will be tested. Poor me. 5 mods.

I was really busy these few weeks, going out with friends, working, giving tuition. I really didn't had time to read my notes at all! I was so tired today, I slept for one and a half hour at YIH! And then I woke up with reddish eyes!

Now, it's photos spamming time because I want to sleep! There is tuition tomorrow at 11am!!! ):

The Valentines' Day card that I made for Fabby! It's A4 size and I tore paper and pasted them piece by piece for the words!!!

The usual crazy him.

Pretty blue roses that he surprised me with after my lecture! (:

There's a bear too! (:

I'm a happy girl! (:

I think the bouquet was really pretty so I kept spamming photos of it!




My V Day gifts!

The nest day while waiting for my project meeting! Fabby's wearing the polo that I bought for him!

Playing Ninjump as usual.

He has been eyeing this bumblebee polo and I kept searching for it but I couldn't find it! But lucky me, I saw it at the Topman at Suntec when I went there for meeting!! (: So he got 2 Topman Polo Tees from me since I already bought the other one!

Double Date with Benny and Trixia on the 15th! BUFFET! SASHIMI! (:

Senki Japanese Restaurant at Killiney road!

The awesome strawberries that Fabby made for me!! (:

The bouquet is still surviving today! It's in a cup cause Mummy put it there! LOL

Double Date again on Thursday! Carls Junior for dinner! Then we caught "No Strings Attached"! Damn awesome movie especially when there's Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman!

Breakfast! Home cooked Maggie Mee! (:
Dim Sum for lunch! (:

My student!

(((: IPHONE 4! (:

Soup Spoon Dinner today! We tried the Black Pepper Beef Stew, it's super thick and quite salty!

I love the Caesar Salad!!!


Met up with Pat, Lings and Shun after that!

Same green and blue shorts! Although my shorts look black, it was blue!

Ah Tang! Not soup that Tang, it's Tangs that Tang!!



The 3 Toa Payoh Iphone users!!! (:

Fun. Fun. Fun! (:

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