Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Lousy Max! ):

I made up my heart at 1120pm to start on the undone audits that I have with me. 

At 1130pm, which is five minutes ago, I gave up after auditing 2 minutes of it. 

My eyes are closing, and they are telling my hair to dry quickly so that they can rest. Then my brains decided to stand on my eyes' side and told itself to stop functioning so that it can have an early night today.

What's wrong with them! It doesn't follow what my heart wants to do.

So unbonded! 

Right, so tired brains told tired eyes to stop looking at the screen which in turn told my fingers to come and type words on my blog instead.

My heart didn't send this information out. My brains started the chain and it asked my eyes to send it to my fingers.

After all the relay, my heart decided that my friends might be missing my photos, so it decided to give in and ordered my fingers to upload nice photos.

So they cooperated after all.

Alright, so I shouldn't stop them from having some fun time passing messages to one another. And I shall be nice and not force them to faee the audit monster. 

Photos from Chin-Gay outing on Tuesday! (:



Of course, the owner.

4-people outing!


The two "Kays" (Gays)!

Some candid shot. I say it's candid so it's candid.

Sushi plate! (:

Ramen! (:

Big bowl of ramen!

Ah Bimb!

And kk zoomed in to our gigantic faces.

And they put their hands in my pockets cos Bimb kept doing that the entire night.


Lol. "Kays".

My new profile pic!!! (:

Love this app! It's awesome!!! All three of them are Iphone 4 users!!

Fair = I like.

I was talking to Seb on the phone about the project and they started taking the 4 shots thing!

Bimb and Ah Lian!!! (:

Wahaha, more fair photos! (:

That's it. A short update. All of them are trying to get me to sleep. Them, I mean my brains, my eyes, my fingers and even my heart.

Goodnight! (:

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