Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Had My Fair Share Of Fun!

I'm a playful girl! (:

CNY was rather boring this year. Most of the time, just eating and stoning. But today was awesome max! (:

Let's see, day 1 was visting at a relative's place, then at night my daddy and I went over to visit grandma! (: She's still super cute but she really doesn't remember anything at all now. My grandma used to dote on me the most! She will come and fetch me home after badminton trainings in Primary school. Even though it will soon be dinner time, she will dapao Caifan for me to eat first because she knows I'm always hungry after training. And she always waits for me to go home everyday by standing at the door. I always run to her and sleep with her whenever I'm afraid of the dark! She's really the bestest bestest grandma ever. Plus, she always makes her own fishcakes! She buys fish from the market and slowly take the meat out and make them into fishcakes! My grandma's awesome! ((: 

My Grandma!!! (:

She's 95 this year!!!

So cute!!! (:

Okay, day 2 was visiting at a few relative's place. Eat non-stop only. I had lunch at home, but I ate at my relative's place a lot of ngoh hiang and soup and bamboo shoots. Like a pig. Then less than an hour later, I had mee siam for dinner! 

The tip of my heels came off when I was going home. Daddy and Mummy stayed to play mahjong so Bro and I cabbed home. Then my heels made weird noises when I walk!!

I'm trying to take an artistic shot of myself hurhur.

Cannot see face = Nice. LOL

Retarded bro. And both bro and daddy and even mummy thought that I was re-wearing the same dress as CNY day 1! They're like super different! -.-

My cousin's 3rd baby! It's a boy! (:

My uncle and aunt!

And the baby didn't even cry when he was being passed from person to person.

The baby's two sisters! Super cute! Christie-Ann and Lauren!

I think she's super super pretty! (:

I love her. So pretty!!!
So cute so cute right! She has grown so much in a year! And she's so cute, every time she takes a photo, she will pose for it. Like the photo with her sister, she tilted her head to one side!!!

Today was steamboat over at Puden's place! There were so many people who went! All the plus-ones! (: Benny, Kumlong, Beho, Yvonne, Austen, Jieying, Shawn, Amanda, Ian, Puden, Karthi, Michelle, Caleb and I!

14 people! We had steamboat before we started playing drinking games. Circle of Death, Indian Poker, In between! Super fun night! (:

Then we watched Arsenal v.s. Newcastle!

haha. Such an exciting day!! (: Alright, tomorrow church is at 10am, but my hair's still wet! No 8 hours of sleep!!!

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