Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Free No Need Money

I'm so free now I've nothing to do lalala. I feel sleepy but I'm lazy to take off my contacts and remove my make-up so I decided not to sleep!

I just switched to using google chrome cause bro saw me using Safari just now and he was telling me it's super lag (like liling). So he told me to download chrome and I did. So obedient me.

It is faster. Now that I've changed to chrome, it's troublesome. All the links I've saved at Safari aren't here, so I've to do manual work!

I just realised I always type 'me' as 'my'. I think my fingers just fought with my brains so they are rebelling. That must be the reason why I'm typing wrongly.

Today's relaxing day because I only went to one relative's house. Tomorrow there will be many many more. 

Just a while ago, my cousins came over to my house and saw me (I just typed my again!) using facebook. So they asked me to add them, and they are my friends now! I hope crubbing photos are private. If not they will be super shocked to realise that the little toot girl (extremely terribly toot girl) that they know has changed to untoot girl. haha. 

And I just realised it's very awesome to be super ugly last time. Even though people will scold you for being toot, for having your belt too high, for being so damn ugly (all the sad memories!), BUT everywhere you go now, like seriously, everyone will comment that you've became prettier! Cause, in comparison to the past, of course you're prettier right! May not be pretty pretty, but definitely prettier! (: It's super awesome and happy hearing people say that because wahaha, you know you've became a better (looking) person. I absolutely love my better person theory!

So now to think about it, even though my tuition kid is really boomz, I guess it's okay. Cause she'll probably realise she's too fat and decide to diet and slim down when she grows up one day! And tadah, she'll receive positive comments about herself. Imagine, "Christel, now grow up becoming slimmer and prettier ahh". Sure happy.

Okay, now I sound so superficial (so hb)! Cannot, cannot. looks aren't everything! haha. Personality personality personality more important!

And you know, bro was asking me how I'm gonna celebrate my birthday and stuff, and he told me he has 2 other close friends who have the same birthday as me!!! And one of them booked like 3 chalets?!!?! Crazily rich please. I was asking him if he could ask that friend to give one to me! hurhur. And he told me to book Coasta Sands so he'll be able to hop around the 3 chalets! AND, he said they already sent out invites to their friends! LIKE SO EARLY EHH! But he said I must send invites already! If not too late, nobody will come for my party! I don't even know who are the  people that I want to invite please! ): Dilemma! Don't know if I should invite some people! I was just complaining to Seb last night about how difficult to decide on the people to invite! Rahh.

And I want so many things so badly. 

1. I want a hard disk! I've got no hard disk! And my laptop's flooded with stuff I want to get them out of my laptop! ):
2. I want a steamer cause I want to iron my clothes with it. So cool and easy to iron! 
3. I want a gigantic box wrapped and tied with a ribbon (so princessy!) with many many pieces of clothes that I love inside! And I'll go WOW when I take out every single piece!
4. I want an Iphone (but I don't want Caleb to be the one buying it! His money = my money = heart pain)
5. I want to eat a lot of good food.
6. I want to have my trip to bkk/taiwan/sunway lagoon sponsored.

I can't think of anything else for the time being. But please do not get me mugs, photo frames (as in just the photo frame only) and I don't know, some things that I won't use. I don't use mugs at home thank you, no that for birthday!

Heehee, I lost my chain of thought cause I went for dinner.

I burnt my tongue while drinking soup just now! ):

Alright, time for photos! Spam! Cause Tanahli and Songminghan finally uploaded the photos!

I was trying to eat the crab if you don't realise.

We had Everything With Fries for dinner. All their meals came except for mine. And it took quite some time to come!

Har Jiong Kai Burger with Garlic Fries.



Pretend to look away shot.

haha, I forgot what I was doing. But they said it looked like a "I've got an idea" pose so they started doing it too.

Super retarded face. Songminghan is a crazy retard!

Songminghan insisted that Waikit pretend that he's touching the picture.

And all of us had to do it!

See, retard.

lol. We love to do this for some reason. *Look away*

Cross legs photo!

Hold flower. lol.

Super model Mel.

Super model Waikit.

My face is like that because the model has 2 front teeth that can be seen! But I covered it...


Songminghan captioned "Lai Meng molested a girl".

See the girl's teeth! haha!

At first Mel was telling me to adjust my legs to make the pose more correct, but when the photo came out I was like, "Songminghan why you didn't take my legs!"


Mel blowing bubbles, Waikit and I are Bubble 1 and Bubble 2!

Photo at Scoopz! (:

Tanlili had to smile with her eyes open cause her colleague always complains that she has no eyes when she smiles.

Jessica's expression. Classic.

Put this photo up then yeah you know. haha.

The side-mouth effect.

Annie can't do this cock-eye thing, so I was aiding her with my finger haha.

Lol at Jessica.

I think only Tanahli looks normal!


Our 5 scoops of ice-cream! (: Mango Sorbet, Grape, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Durian! And we had a waffle too plus free freezeball from the boss! (:

Ah tang was blocking me from the freezeball so I had to use my left hand to take it and we ended up intertwined! And they made us take this photo!

Prata house!

Pat's side-mouth face! haha. Ah Tang messed up her hair that's why it was in that state!

I painted my nails with the marbled method! Super difficult! This finger was the only successful one!

The rest looked like this.

And this!
CNY Day 1! (:

haha, show you all my face.


Alright, that's all for today's post! Long post ehh (:

I just reached home from visiting grandma! She's like super cute haha. Like garfield (according to someone I can't remember who).

Bye! HAPPY CNY! (:

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