Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confessions of A Shopaholic!

Fabby is at Malaysia right now, so there is no one to entertain me! 

I've been trying to paint my nails, doing the marbled nail art but it's so damn hard! Rahh. It's impossible to make it like super nice. I did it, ugly, removed it, did it, ugly, removed it again for countless times. Seriously, not easy at all! 

Now only two of my fingers are painted because I went for dinner in between. Think I'm gonna continue with that because I've nothing better to do other than that. Yes, I'm staying at home and rot. Or I can hold my own concert in my house.

Nothing to blog about, other than HAPPY CNY! It's CNY tomorrow! 

Yesterday I went to work with Ah Tang. But we ended up facebooking for a few hours before we walked to Paragon to collect the dress I bought online. Then it was whacking session again. Ah Tang has totally became my shopping buddy. There was once I was trying to psycho her to buy a dress so I can borrow it from her when I'm gonna club or something. BUT I FAIL! Totally failed. She refused to buy it. And the next moment, I find myself paying for it. Like omg, I give in to temptation so easily! We ended up buying 2 pieces of clothing each.

We should really stop going out together. Shopping together to be more exact!

Now I've 5 dresses for cny, I don't know which to wear. I've 7/8 pieces of new clothing in my wardrobe. Probably buried somewhere!!

Oh back to my topic, after shopping, we went over to Novena to meet Jessica for dinner! (: Ah Tang and I had fast food twice in a day! Macs for lunch, Long John for dinner! 

After that was scoopz with Jaljals without Joyce! The owner even gave us free Freezeball to try! Prata house after dessert cause some of them were hungry!

Photos are with Tanahli! Not uploaded yet! 

Alright, photos. Really nothing to blog about hurhur.

Mummy's birthday meal! (:

Her Mini Birthday Cake.

While waiting for Jessica at Novena.

It's the rabbit year, so rabbits for you! (:

The dress that I tried psycho-ing Ah Tang to buy. $19! There were ugly frills at the bottom but I chopped them off! (:

I think it's time for me to go back to my nails.

Bye! (:

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