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Taiwan Post 2! Finally! (:

Deng Deng Deng Deng,

It's finally Taiwan Post 2!!! Are you waiting for it? 

Say yes, say yes.

If you're not, then I'm not going to blog anymore okayy!!!

Nod your heads, nod your heads NOW!

Good boys and girls! (:

I'm retarded omgg, must be the influence from Fabby.

Alright, it's Taiwan Post 2 today because I decided that most people would have read Post 1 by now. Post 1 is like uber long, it pushed all my other posts out of the front page. So I concluded Post 2 will be equally as long, or even longer, and if I were to post it before people read Post 1, they will have to go through all the trouble to look for it in the archives and I think I shouldn't make yall do it, so I'm only blogging now. But if you're thinking in your head, "so what if I missed it, then just don't read lah", then oh no, you're breaking my heart!!!

Oh, and I started school already! Not too bad, mostly abnn lecturers but I can understand them I think.

I just went to take my 'diary' in Taiwan.

You know, in order to blog a detailed post, I brought 10 pages from an exercise book (that's 5 pieces of paper) to Taiwan so I can write down exactly what I did everyday and stuff. All for the sake of blogging! Thank me!

This post starts with Day 6 in Taiwan! (:

Breakfast at some ah ma stall. I had 鱿鱼羹 noodles!

A phone that really works. Can touch the screen!!!


Taken in front of a gigantic mirror at the bus station where we were taking the bus from.

Okay, that day, we took a bus to 浦里 and the bus actually broke down halfway through. I was sleeping throughout the entire journey, only to wake up to discover that we were at some random place. Then the bus driver called another driver to send us to the place. We were compensated though! (: And zoom zoom, we were on our way to 日月潭! I forgot to mention, the only food we had was what we bought from 7-eleven! Chocolate Milk, Sandwich, and a Buo Luo Bao. We bought a 茶叶蛋 at one of the stations.


The visitor centre!

I look like I'm in a cable car right? haha, it's a photo! (:

At the wonderful hotel! Super ups hotel that place!!! (: And there's a stall selling 薯咬狗 outside the hotel. The korean sausage wrapped with potato.

Going out to walk around! (:

Then we saw this stall which has super long queue and went to queue for it, only to realise it wasn't the queue that was very long, it was just because they were making the product super slowly. It's Assam Black Tea 蛋卷.

With the Mushrooms uncle. He owns a stall beside the hotel. And we bought Fried Mushroom and 太阳饼 from him.

Awesomest dinner for the entire trip!!! Sweet and Sour Pork and MUSHROOMS!!!

Some veggie in vinegar.

Fried Sweet Potato and veggie. The fried veggie was super nice!!! (: And we forgot to take a photo of the soup. Super yummy dinner! We asked for more rice (actually me and serene and desmond) and more of the MUSHROOMS and FRIED STUFF!!! I miss the food!!!

This was taken at maybe 5 or 6am the following day!

The owner of the hotel was telling us the view of the place is really nice in the morning like 6am, so we woke up at 5am and went out of the hotel to walk around!!! There was the metal gate and we had to press the button to open it, and close it and run out haha, before the shuttle closes! (:

With my pink paws mask!


Then we took super a lot of random photos. Super funny photos. This is the Shaolin moves photo.


Wah Tah!


Yong Chun.

haha, this piggy-back photo led to...




The 4 couples LOL!

Shoryuken in progress!




Awesome Breakfast!!! (:

On the boat! (:

Bus & Turck?

At the top of the mountain!!

This was taken at the temple at the top of the mountain! I looked like I'm in a snowy place right??? haha, those are just white pebbles!


朱妈妈肉丸. Nice! (: The sauce tasted like Lor Mee!

We also had Mushroom Assam Tea 茶叶蛋, 汤包 and super expensive Milk Tea!

Flowers that we bought! Not cheap at all!

In the cable car!

Scary cat! haha.


关东煮 from 7-eleven!

Waiting for the high speed rail (高铁).

Fabby took this photo by himself haha!

We were super hungry in the high speed rail, and Victoria's goody bag came to the rescue! haha.

Cabbed over from the station to our hotel, and I had Sharon's luggage on my legs! Super heavy, almost died.

Dinner was 鸡丝炒饭, veggie and yummy 高丽菜 dumplings!

Then Fabby and I had Chin Chow and the fried 甜不辣! (:

Big ass face! (:

Day 8! 2 bread, 2 hams, 1 茶叶蛋 and Soyabean for breakfast! (: We were supposed to go to the zoo, but they decided to go to the Flora Expo instead!

Floral Expo.

The chops I've accumulated!



My pink boots with the pink flowers! (:

Cui face.


Forever closing his eyes while taking photos!


Cool people made from Grass!

The rainbow bridge.

We took the shuttle bus to Jiantan and had What's burger for our super late lunch! This was super big portion I didn't touch the bread at all!!!

Fabby's burger!

Then we went to 淡水 for seafood zichar and ran after the bus to go back to our hotels! Fish soup, Steamed Fish, Fried Oyster, Spinach, Black Pepper Beef.

And halfway in the MRT, Qiyang stood up and said he had a stomachache so he left the train without telling us more. All of us stunned there for like quite some time and we started laughing!!

Then Fabby and I rushed to Carrefour which was quite a distance away from our hotel to get cup noodles to bring back!!! (:

I had bubble bath for the night yay!!!

Day 9:

At the airport, the hello kitty section!

Hello Kitty phone booths!

Kitty chairs!

Kitty place.

Gigantic kitty!!

Last photo done!!! My Taiwan trip!!! I will miss those dayyysss!!! (:

Lots of other Singapore photos I've yet to upload!!!


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