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Taiwan Post 1 - 78 Photos!

I think your computer's gonna lag because this post consists of 78 photos. I still have more than 80 photos saved, which will be in the next post! (:

The 9 days spent in Taiwan were really awesome. It was super cold, the lowest was 8 degrees. 8 degrees is actually fine, BUT the wind there made it un-fine. The wind was so strong, I could barely feel my face. And now my face is in a bad condition. I cut my face (cut across my cheek) while I was counting down, and the best thing is, I don't even know how the cut came about. I only found out when I was bathing back at the hotel. Plus, my whole face is peeling and cracking. And there are small pimples popping out from everywhere, it's terrible! ): But fabby bought me Oxy! Oxy saved the day! (:

Okayy, back to the topic. My Taiwan trip! (: 9 days spent with Caleb and the Chem Engine people! (:

Caleb and I stayed over at Sharon's so her mum sent us to the airport. Her father drove another car to send her off too, so they left the house at the same time in 2 different cars, cause they had to go to work after that. Cool or what. Rich people. haha.

At the airport with my ticket! (:

We took Cathay Pacific. And we had to transit at Hongkong before going to Taipei.

In the plane! (:

We took some bus which will supposedly bring us to our hotel, but we ended up at Ximending area, which wasn't near our hotel which is at Taipei Main Station (1 stop away)! And we had to cab to our hotel instead. This is King Shi Hotel, where we stayed at for the last 2 days!

Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken for dinner at Ximending. I think we took a train to Ximending for dinner.

After Ji Guang Chicken, we had 阿宗面线 Ah Zong Mee Sua and Bubble tea too.

Taken when Qiyang was buying Papaya Milk for all of us to share.

Qiyang with 木瓜牛奶 (Papaya Milk) which was very Papaya-ish. 

And I wanted to try the 糕 (糕) which is Pig's blood with Glutinous Rice. Chunxiong bought it and we tried it and it tasted mostly of Glutinous Rice.

Fried Mushrooms! (:

A train in front of our hotel.

The hotel that we stayed at for 5 days! (:

Day 1, I ate 冰糖葫芦 too! It's Strawberry coated with Honey! Yummy Yummy! (:

Then it was Day 2, we had breakfast at somewhere near our hotel. I had 煎饺 and Fabby had 蛋饼!

Day 2! (:

Fabby and I! (:

We went to 五分埔 at around 11am just to discover that the area only opens around 1pm!

Stupid Qiyang's face.

五分埔 is like a very gigantic Bugis!!!

Since the place wasn't opened yet, we walked to the Rainbow Bridge and took photos!

At the Rainbow bridge which was just a bridge with rainbow colours.

That day was good hair day! So I took more photos! (:

Fabby with his primary school Deuter bag!

Nice sunlight! (:

That's Mummy and Daddy! The 4th couple of the trip! (:

I've the same jacket as Serene!

Jump shots!

The guys!

Then it was 胡须张滷肉飯 for lunch before shopping!!

I bought 6 tops/dresses and a pair of wedges not for myself! Then we drank Bubbletea too! (:

This was after we met up with the rest of them and we went to 饶河 Night Market!

Curry Fishballs.

葱油饼 This is the best ever!!! Super yummy! (:

麻油鸡 which I didn't really like.

We also had 臭豆腐 and 鸭血 which we didn't take a photo of! And Fried Oyster and Peanut Soup with Tangyuan and Yam Balls, and Fried Tangyuan at Raohe! (:

Hello Kitty Shop!

Caleb and I waited inside while the rest went to Sogo to walk around. While we were sitting there, we saw that each person has to spend at least 300NT in order to dine in! That's insane cause we only wanted to have desserts! Each dessert probably only cost around 100NT and the hugest cake only cost 280NT!

So, we went over to 士林夜市 for more food! 棺材板, 炸鸡排, 白苦瓜 drink (yucks!!!), 3 大饼包小饼!!! (:

This is a photo of me eating Fried Milk! Tasted like BBQ-ed Marshmellow!

The White Bittergourd!

Day 3!

Fabby's 葱抓饼

Our 4 营养早餐 which was super un-worth it.

This was the MRT we walked to after our breakfast! We were heading to 新北投 station for our Hot spring!

With Mummy Bear!

The three Hoodie retards.

Hoodie-less gang!

Group photo! Mummy Daddy with the 3 couples! (:

This is the Hot Spring place.


Some Hot Spring that is closed for use, only meant as a tourist attraction.

Huge-ass face of ME! (:

Sharon and I were wearing slippers cause we were lazy to wear shoes to the Hot Spring. My feet were freezing!

We booked the Hot Spring room from one of the hotels. 1000NT per room! (:

Sukiyaki buffet for lunch afterwards. Around 361NT per person. The exchange rate is around 23NT for a dollar.

Then we went to Shilin Miramar to take the Ferris Wheel. Fabby was super scared...

Cute Santa! (: It was freezing over there!!!

Then we had Cheese Prawn Ball. We saw many people queueing up for this, so we decided to try it too. Before that we bought Pearl + Ai Yu drink.

Then we also tried the Cheese Potato from Desmond, and we bought a Meat Wrap which is basically spring onions wrapped by a piece of meat. And the spring onions (YUCKS!) was so spicy, I spit almost half of the thing out. And oh yeah, we ate 茶叶蛋 too! 茶叶蛋 is the most common thing in Taipei!

New boots!!! (: Only 188NT, approximately $8! (:

Day 4, we went to Ximending's party world for KTV! We had the buffet lunch there. After that, we headed to Taipei City hall for the countdown!

Toi Toi!!!

In the train!

A heater. We bought Honey Mustard Fries from there. 

We also had quail eggs and Mos hotdog and Maggie Mee after the countdown!

Taipei 101!

Before the countdown.
Oops, wrong sequence. This was taken outside Party World.

Spot this girl on my right. She's damn annoying, she kept squeezing us and we had totally no space at all to turn cause she kept trying to squeeze forward. She almost picked a fight with some guy who asked her to stop squeezing. Crazy girl!

For the countdown, we stood all the way from 6pm to 12am! Then we took almost an hour to get out of that place cause there were 508 thousand at that area. And the worst thing was, there were so many people there, we had no chance to get into the MRT station at all. So we walked back 6 stops from there to our hotel! And when we finally reached back at the hotel, it was 3plus! Madness! An hour plus of walking!

The free light sticks given out at the countdown!

Kungfu master!

The light stick is actually colourful! Like rainbow-coloured.


Moving on, Day 5! Ximending Modern Toilet Restaurant!

On the toilet seats!

Our food!

Random paparazzi shot! (:

The complementary dessert which tasted weird.


After lunch, we took a train to Pingxi to 放天灯 which is some sky lantern.

Had to change train at this place first.

Finally reached the place!

With our purple 天灯

We had to use 毛笔 to write our wishes!

Fabby and I shared one and we each had 2 sides to write on.

It was so cold there we could blow out smoke. But the camera failed to capture the smoke!

With the lit lantern.

After that, we went to 师大夜市 to find more food! We had 甜不辣 (different from the one in Singapore, it's in sweet sauce), 蜜汁烧烤 (honey coated bbq-ed food), 卤味, 盐水鸡, Froyo, and Tau Huey in peanut soup and barley.

This is the 卤味 that we queued super long for!

Awesome! That's the last photo I've saved for Day 5!!!

Today Caleb and I got scammed! And yeah, he lost 40bucks for being too kind! ): Alright, that's all. We reported it to the police and I hope that person will be found! >:(

Anyway, wait for my Taiwan post 2! (:

And all the Chinese words you see in this post, I went to Baidu and typed in the Han Yu Pin Ying to find the words one by one. So please appreciate my effort thank you very much!

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