Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Blog Is Dying!

I just realised the number of views for my blog is dropping, like drastically. That means the money for the blog is jumping slower!

Nooo, I don't want that to happen!

Friends, please just click on my blog for fun if you're bored. I think you'll expect no updates cause I haven't been updating that frequently, but still, click on it for fun okay! (:

And I came to blog because I wanted to tell you all a logic that Fabby told me the other day which came true. Logic or fact I don't know, but it came true, that's the point!

I was telling him my bank account is dying, alright in fact I've been telling everyone. It hit the all time low of a 3-digit amount, starting with 7! Plus, everyone's been telling me that once you hit 21, you have to have a minimum amount of $500 in your account, if not they will start deducting $2/$5 from it every single day.

The fact that I was born in March doesn't exactly help!

So I was worrying like mad, seriously like crazy, I didn't want to eat expensive food at all!

That's when Fabby said, "Don't worry, when you don't have money in your account, the money will automatically come in"

So, his logic is that money will drop from heaven. That's it.

However, being already very worried and stressed over financial issues, I told him, "That's cause you have allowance! I don't! And my bank account is like really seriously terribly horribly dying!!!"

Now now, here comes the magic. Magic of money.

I got my tuition pay yesterday or the day before yesterday. Being so desperate to save my bank account, I went to top it up immediately with the $200!

Magic occurred.

The digits miraculously jumped upwards by $500 after I topped it up with the $200!

Magic right!

haha, no lah, it's not magic. It's my pay from work!!! (((:

So now my bank isn't dying anymore!!! (: Daddy also gave me $50 the other day. Happiness! (:

And just a random thing, Tanahli posted this emo song on her blog, and I'm listening to it. So my ears feel very emo cause the song is so emo, but my eyes are happy because I'm typing happy things. I'm confused. My heart doesn't know to feel happy or emo.

Omg, retarded.

I just feel like putting random photos of me up wahaha!

No, I didn't edit my face. Every single time I edit my face, everyone will start telling me how horrible it looks bla bla. Now show you my face without editing okay! I know yall love it! haha, cause yall always say it looks horrible after editing = looks nice without editing = no need edit.

Ya, my logic wins.

I only edited the contrast and brightness, although I really didn't know how to, anyhow whack!

I wanted to put this as my profile pic on facebook, but I just changed it to my current one so Fabby asked me to not change it first!

Randomness again, in case you didn't see my tweet, my mother was telling me the fortune teller said 'horses' should eat carrots this year! My zodiac is horse, so she said I should buy carrots and eat!

Then my reaction was super big, I was like "Yucksssss, I hate carrots the most!!!"

And my mummy told me, "You don't like carrots why you like caleb?"

HAHAHA! I didn't know my mummy could crack jokes like this luh! Super funny. When I told my daddy about it, he laughed like mad too! hahaha.

Okay, I ran out of things to blog about! Other than, MY 3 AUDITS ARE STILL UNDONE! ZOMG.

I should do at least one before I sleep!!!

Okay, no more talking to people! I hope the rain stops soon. I dislike going out in the rain. It's like yucky! =/

haha, joke number 2 now. I was talking to Caleb, telling him about Chock's tweet about how he couldn't start the car cause of the rain.

And he started telling me just now he drove in the rain, and he felt like his car was floating in the water cause the water was super deep. I was worried so I told him to go try start the car now and he told me, "no lah don't worry most prob would be fine. i think my swift damn zai. hahaha. like the owner like that like to swim one"!!!

Like LOL only. haha.

And he just told me, "quotes from flabby lebby"

haha. Joke.

Right, my audits. Bye! (:

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