Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Bank Account Is Dying!


Today I discovered that my poor bank account is dying, seriously. The money dropped so drastically I got a really big shock! I am so poor!! I need money! ):

And the best thing is, before I realised that my bank account was dying, I bought 2 dresses from the area outside Parkway Parade! @.@

Super good buys though! I love them very very much and I'm gonna wear one of them to school tomorrow, and the other for new year! Wait for it!!! The photos are below! But the main point is, I'm seriously super broke.

I need people to sponsor me from now on! That is, if you're eating with me, I'll appreciate it if you pay for me. Haha! Alright, that was a joke. I won't let you pay. I'll insist on paying you.

And why is no one selling their EC3101 Textbook 8th Edition!!! ): The book costs $76 and being very poor me, I don't want to buy it first-hand!!!

Ahhh, so sad. Why is money so important in this world? ):

I need the book! Ahhhhh.

I'm refreshing the used textbook forum constantly to see if someone is selling the book! But NO!!! You know in secondary school, we like to use the phrase "to no avail"? Yes, TO NO AVAIL! ):

Why is the book so difficult to find argh! 

And today Caleb and I saw some stall selling Mochi and Jelly and Wasabi peas so we decided to buy them. Totally got scammed. That guy kept throwing into our bags the peas and jellies and stuff! So it weighed super heavy in the end and we paid a total of $15 for it! >:( Although I only paid $5 out of the $15, I still felt so scammed! Rahh.

I hope after CNY, my luck will change! I'll be a better person! Not in the sense like change boyfriend haha, just be a better person generally! (:

Today was spent with Fabby at Parkway Parade eating Scoopz ice-cream! And at Starbucks (supposedly studying!) and at Hawker Centre eating luh, what else can we do there right! 

And I suddenly realised I should wear nice dress on Friday instead of Wednesday. Friday more important! (:

Okay, so random, now, it's time for photos! (:

Messy Fabby eating his Choc Mint ice-cream. Eat until so dirty!

Neat me eating my Durian ice-cream, Sunday one, Tuesday one. I LOVE IT MAX! (:

My dinner! I'm feeling hungry now I wanna eat Maggie Mee from Taiwan!

Horse for the New Year!

The dress I love to the max! It's super nice, go buy it at Parkway Parade! No, don't buy it, I like to be special haha. Friday's dress YAY!

This is a $2 more expensive dress. I still prefer the first one!

Also from Parkway Parade, I bought this on Sunday with Ah Tang. I cut off the bottom part already! As in, this is the end result (: Initially, there was this ugly blue part which makes the dress so eew, but I removed it! (:

Dress from Tampines! $10! (:

From Far East! I love all my dresses more!

I bought this together with the pink kimono top from a blogshop when it was its sales! (:This is super nice, but super crumpled! 

Heehee, end of photos. I'm super happy with my buys. I always have a mini-fashion parade when I come home! Then I'll try on the clothes and walk out to the living room to show my mummy my buys!! (:

I love myself. And my clothes! (:

I think I'm gonna finish the last bowl of instant noodles from Taiwan tonight!!!

Now I've to think what I'm gonna wear to school tomorrow!!!

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