Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lot Of Food Photos

Food! More food!

I've finished reading every single blog that I know! Yes I'm that pathetic haha, nothing to do, read blogs, nothing to do, refuse to do auditing, read more blogs, do more online shopping, hurt my wallet more.

That's my life. If I've nothing to do.

Now, I'm blogging cos there's nothing to do! Audits are considered to be inexistent in this case. Yeah, there's 3 more. But I'm seriously too lazy to open windows on my mac to do the auditing!

So here goes, photos of food! (:

I always have lecture at science from 12-2pm and I always have lunch before I go to school. But being greedy me, I'll want to eat!!! So this is lunch at science canteen after my lunch at home! (:

Ee-fu noodles at Anchorpoint! Not nice. It doesn't taste like the hotel's ee-fu mian at all!

Fabby's spaghetti! (:

Our dessert! Yam paste! I had yoghurt for dessert too!!! (:

Then one day when I was working at Acorn, Fabby came and saved me from hunger! Chicken rice for lunch! And it's an irony that there are bones in the chicken!

Cos I bought it from a boneless chicken rice stall!

Mango Milk! (:

Dinner at MOF! Fabby's Spaghetti. Spaghetti again.

haha, I know super waste money to go there and have curry chicken. But yeah, MOF's Curry Chicken. So so.


On a side note, my bro just came home and his shoes are super stinky omgggg, it's killing me. I need Ah Tang's moisturiser + perfume hahaha!

Continuing, dessert! Ice cream with sweet potato and yam balls. The yam ball is the best! Super crispy and yummy!

Lunch with Gabs and Tang at Saizeriya! The chicken is niceeee (:

Tuna and Mushroom Salad (:

Milk Pudding from Tampopo! Funny name haha.

Slacking at level 4! (:

New top and new shorts!!! (:

Miss my face? (:

More of me. lol.

Lunch at Thomson before tuition with Fabby! His Dumpling Noodles.

My Abalone Minced Pork Noodles. One slice of abalone in it.

Damn ugly face of myself. At Scoopz with Fabby! I think this is our third time at Scoopz!

While Fabs was sleeping, I was trying super hard to break the high score!!! And I did it when he woke up. haha.

Crystal Jade for dinner.

Ee-fu Mian which tasted a little like the hotel's one! Hotels' ones are obviously much better though.

Spicy Chicken Dumplings.

Xiao Long Baos!

It's 0130am and I need my 8hours of sleep. haha. My recents posts are just photo-spamming posts!!!

Lazy to blog. I haven't done any tutorial! Ohhh nooo.

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