Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Day With A Crazy Girl

Hello dear crazy friends, I went crazy last night. Yay.

Now I'm here to blog about my crazy day with Ah tang the blur blur, Tanahling.

Today, Ah tang and I went for an important mission to somewhere near Parkway Parade. We were really diligent, we knew we're bad with directions so we found the exact way to get to that place without getting lost, and we didn't.

After accomplishing the mission, we walked over to Parkway Parade for some shopping. Oh, we had Katong Laksa at some stall on our way there! (:

Shopping, Shopping, she went for a shopping spree. And we had DURIAN ICE-CREAM from SCOOPZ! Super yummy all of you should try it!!! (:

Okayy, when we were really tired, we decided to bus back to Toa Payoh and the stupidest thing happened.

We boarded bus 31, talked all the way until both of us suddenly saw a banner with the word "Tampines" and we came to the sudden realization that we might have taken from the wrong side of the stop, but before we could conclude on our guess, the bus turned into Tampines interchange!!!

We were supposed to go to Tpy, not Tp!!!

And yeah, tadah, we ended up at Tampines.

Then we decided to dinner there and shop around since we were already there. And yeah, not too bad, we had some great buys.

The journey back was fun for the first half of the journey. But the later half was torturous because there was suddenly a really strong shit smell and I almost died!!! Ah Tang had to take out her moisturiser for me to apply on my hand so I could smell it. SORRY FOR BREAKING THE CAP TANAHTANG! @.@

When the moisturiser didn't work, we switched to perfume for the rest of the journey!!!

Horrible experience!!!

But well, it was a crazy but great day! (:

Now time for some overdue photos!

These are all the food I brought back from Taiwan! (:

I was randomly playing with Christel's calculator. Primary 5's now are learning how to calculate using the calculator!!!

Ichiban sushi! (:

So so fried crabstick sushi.

Meal! (:

Tuesday was work and Chantel went home early! So it was havoc for Annie and I! We took an hour plus lunch break! Saizeriya! (:

Wednesday, I had my second bowl of Szechuan with Pork Rib Soup for the week! (:



Wednesday before I went for a friend's wake, we went to Kim Gary. Soup in a cup.

Sharon's Maggie Mee.


My Mushroom Rice with Sharon's broccoli and luncheon meat.

And she couldn't finish her Maggie Mee, so she made it cup noodles. Literally.

Thursday I had tuition and I reached the place at 130pm because I thought tuition was at 2pm. Then I realised it myself that it wasn't at 2, so I walked around, sat around, stoned around. 

Friday I had tuition again! And my student's mum bought all these assessments! @.@

Shilin Tempura! (:

This dress is too long, so I didn't buy it. Put this photo up for fun.

One of the newly opened Hongkong cafe.

Fabby with his Kimchi Ramen.

My smoked duck Ramen.

Saturday I had driving and after that I met up with Bimb! Ice cream, Mango Salmon, JCO Yoghurt. Eat and movie and eat!

Today was with ah tang, my dinner! Chicken Cutlet Noodles at Tampines!!! Nice! (:

Some random retarded photo Fabby took of me.


And more.
So tired, I wanna sleep! I'm gonna die because I didn't do any of the audits that Sabana sent to me. I'm super tired I just wanna sleep.

And I think what Ah tang said today makes absolute sense! You only say thank you to a person if you're not close to that person. If you see someone as a friend / close friend, you wouldn't keep thanking the person.

But for me, I should stop taking people for granted. So, thank you everyone. Thank you Songminghan, even though you merely told me "you're a bimbo, not a dumbass", that helped.

Thank you Waikit for saying I'm a good friend! You're a good friend too.

Don't worry people, I'll remember to thank you all if you're nice to me.

Thank you.

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