Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beezy Days

I'm angry with the retarded mosquitoes which keep biting me non-stop. I am not your food supply, go look for some other things! >:(

Okay, finally gonna blog about the many eventful days!!!

Let's start with Thursday! Crazy mad day, rush here rush there rush everywhere. But CalebWongYongZhao was really my saviour for the day!!!! (:

Firstly, I started work at 10am and there were so much work I had to rush through them. When I ended, I was so hungry because I haven't had my lunch. And yay, that's when my beloved boyfriend drove down and accompanied me for lunch!!! (:

Then being the best, he sent me to tuition. Wahaha, even better than my chauffeur. If you still don't remember after countless times, my chauffeur is the bus driver!

Then he waited at my tuition place for an hour and a half for ME! Then it was on the way to tpy cause I wanted to go to the toi toi really urgently!

And zoom zoom, to my other tuition! And tadah, another one and a half hour, I really wonder why he has so much patience, we were off to dinner!!! Before he sent me home, that's when I bathed and headed over to Ahtang's house for card making!!!

Number 1 best boyfriend right? haha, don't puke. And talking about this, Songminghan is super shameless he kept asking me why Caleb didn't come when Xclusives met up and bla bla bla, cause if C's there, then he could have hitched a ride home. Shameless.

Oh, and I forgot to complain to C about how mean and evil Songminghan is. He slapped me twice on my arm when I was wearing sleeveless, and it hurt! >:( Super evil him. Complain here, then next time C won't send him home! (:

Off, I'm off-topic. Like that, fail. Out of topic.

So back to the topic, I shall spam some photos.

Tanahli traced the mario, star and the red mushroom from the computer, I coloured all of them and I drew (notice I DREW it I didn't TRACE it!) the green mushroom! (:


Mario with 21! (:

And Tanahling is super pro, she stitched the mario and the star!!!

Three of us traced and coloured this from scratch! I think this is the best!!!

I love the question marks!

We finished the stuff at 2am and C came and fetched me home from Ahling's house! Told you he's number 1, nobody can win him. And I felt super guilty cause the next day, he couldn't wake up for his 10am lecture!!!

School on Friday was at 12 for me. So off to school for lecture before the surprise party!!! I was super sleepy I tried so hard to keep awake during lecture!!!

Fast-forward. PARTY!!!

The Birthday Girl! (: Polariods sponsored by Tanahli!!! (:


Our Mario Cake that we customised for her! Super expensive it's 4kg!!!

Love the Mario cake. But the Mario melted on the way to Pat's house, and we were super disappointed cause all her friends saw the destroyed cake! ):


Food! We were the first to attack the food I think. We were super hungry!!!

This is the destroyed cake! ):

Nothing to do, take photos! (:

Super ugly pigs!

Evil bunnies!!!

I totally love Joyce's camera! Heee.

Jaljals' individual shots with Pat!

All the polariods!!!

Daddy saw this photo and he couldn't recognise me...

Ah Tang and I thought we could bring back the polariods. But turned out that, those were meant for Pat to keep.

So, take more with them!

Last photo of the day! (:

From Pat's bro's camera. (:

All her girl friends!

The next day, sehh woke up at 7plus and called Annie, Vics and Aaron to make sure that they were awake!

USS with the Royalties!!!

The princesses! (:

Daddy!! Huang Ah Ma!

Mummy! Er Niang! He was super sleepy and every time he found a chance to sit down, he'll be sleeping!

I forgot who he is.


See Aaron's grumpy face? That was how he looked like the entire day. Plus, he hates sitting roller coaster rides!!!

Spammed photos that day! (:

Toi Toi!

The Mummy ride!!!

Dinosaur roller.

Queueing up for the ride that's similar to the Luge.

Typical Eunice's pose!

Water World!!

Far Far Away!

While waiting for the Shrek!

Merry Go Round.

The Penguins so cute!!! (:


Can barely see the Squirrel haha.

The Horse that looks like a Hippo!


I love the palace at the back. Looks super nice! (:

Sadly, the red and blue roller coaster weren't open. If it was, Aaron would have probably cried.

This ride is called "Accelerator" which was actually Teapot!!!

Andrew likes the Macho Man.

We finally had our first meal of the day at 4pm!!! Cheese Sticks, Salad, Mushroom Soup, Chicken Wings, Lasagna.

The Gigantic Pizza!

Haha, super cute!

That's the end of the photos! I'm feeling tired so lack of captions!!!

We sat The Revenge of the Mummy ride three times! The Luge thingy twice, the small roller coaster twice, and the rest once.

Too tired to explain. Look at the photos! (:

That's all. Goodnight.

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