Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bash You!

Hello!!! (:

Now I've had the time of life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth
and I owe it all to you

Last night was Phuture with Ahli, Ah tang and her OG! It was the first time I was high and wasn't drunk! I'm proud of myself!!! I took care of the two of them after we came out!!! 

And I'm just gonna spam photos! (:
Pre-drinking at the river. Denise, Ahli, Tangtang and I.

Then I have no idea why I randomly went to join them for the photo, I thought it was a group photo...

The real group photo.


Tang, Junwei and I were posing at the back and in the dark all of us looked nice, so this photo is here.

Blur + Dark = Nice, cannot see face

The girls!

All trying out Yuqing's shades.

Mr Bouncer. Actually we barely see him while we were dancing, he was walking around taking photos I think.

Tang: "You wear shades in the club can see anything meh?"


LLS + Shiqi, Judith and Denise.

I think someone was taking photos of us? But we all looked so happy, so yeah this photo is up here (:

And Ahli kept telling us if we're not high, we have to shake our heads. That explains our hair. Alright, that explains my hair.

In the crazy state, but still able to detect the camera!


Photos from Ahli's camera now!

At Mos before we went there.

We waited for more than half an hour for 5 to come!


Tang tying french braid for Ahli.



Annie's favourite pose. 3!

I don't remember taking this photo, but yeah. Junwei behind and Jimmy in between Ahli and I.


The board-carriers.

Alright, end of photos! (:

I've 3 audits with me currently! I didn't do any last week. And even though I reached home early tonight, I've absolutely no mood to do it! I need a machine to listen to it and check the audits for me!! ):

And it's time to sleep because I've tuition tomorrow at 1pm and driving at 330pm!

Oh, for the first time, I went for Public FInance lecture on my own. Alone. And yeah, super unlucky again, I sat beside someone who had super smelly feet!!

I forgot to blog about how unlucky I can be these days. During one random lecture, I already choped seats for Caleb and Wenxiang, but the person beside me asked me to shift a seat down because he needed one more seat for his friend. Then, when the lecture started, I realised I moved to a table that was spoilt. -.-

Another incident was when I went for tutorial, and Wenxiang choped seats for Caleb and I. We reached late and when I sat down to take out the table, the table couldn't be taken out because the chair's right next to the wall and there was no space at all to take the table out.

Table-less for 2 days in a row I think.

Alright, it's bedtime to cover up for my 5 hours of sleep last night!

Goodnight! (:

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