Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello, I'm very happy I just came back from a wedding dinner at Marina Bay Sands! The food was overall not bad, although some dishes really weren't that great.

I had driving before this in the afternoon and just wanna say, i hate drivinggggg. But, I was strong today and I didn't cry! I kept smiling and laughing at him like some idiot when he kept scolding me. See, I'm so brave. I think he thinks I'm a mad girl.

Anyway, the menu for today's dinner!

I took this photo at first when Bro asked me to take a photo of the setting of the place. Then he said I'm a lousy photographer when he saw the photo. So I passed him the camera and asked him to take a good shot of the setting.

And he took this! I think mine's nicer please!

This is not a photo taken for the setting, it was to take Mark Lee! Spot him in the background. He was at the next table and he was sitting right opposite me, every time I lift up my head I'll see him.

Pigggg. Super hard, not yummy!!!

Huge Scallop (although it doesn't look big, it is big!) and Asparagus!

There's a Prawn inside and supposedly Foie Gras which I couldn't taste at all. I could only see a little of some minced up meat-like thing inside the Tiger Prawn (stated in the menu) which wasn't Tiger-ish at all.

Shark's Fin. Nice.

Abalone and Veggie. Nice too. My Abalone's the smallest in the table (sounds so beho!). The rest had nice huge ones.

I didn't take photos of the fish, chicken, noodles and chocolate cake. I didn't even see the chocolate cake because my 3rd aunt and uncle asked Bro and I to take mrt back with them, so we had to rush for the last train even before the last dish! Bro and I were so excited about the chocolate cake at first, only to realise that we can't even see it! ):

Walked like crazy forever in my heels from MBS to Marina Bay station. Damn far, my legs were dying!!! Finally made it to Tpy only to realise the escalator's not working and I had to climb up a crazy amount of stairs. Thank god Caleb was there to send me home. Yeahh la, so short also want him send me home right, but my legs were breaking and he was at Tpy so it was on the way okayy!!

I read Xiaxue's blog and found a way to curl my hair, so yeah, I tried it last night. I slept with the buns on, and today before I went for driving, I took the rubberbands out and BOOMZ! I looked like a crazy woman! That's my fault cause she specifically said to use Scrunchies but I didn't have them so I used normal rubber bands!!!

After driving, I met Caleb and we went to buy Scrunchies and other stuff! My Scrunchies!!!

Mel said I look like Xiao Long Nu, and Wan Ching said I look like Nezha! 

My wavey hair. Had my make up on for the wedding dinner!

Nice wavey hair I'm gonna do it again tonight! (:

Heehee, tired already I wanna sleep! (((:

Oh, I met Sharon at MBS cause her cousin's wedding was held there too. Same level but different function rooms!

Alright, tomorrow I'm meeting Ahtangtang! Goodnight! (:

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