Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stunners BBQ!

We had Stunner's bbq last night at Alex's house! Shengyu and Alex prepared ingredients for burgers for the bbq! They bbq-ed the patties, bread and bacon. Then they added veggie, mayo and cheese to it. It was not bad, a high class bbq! (: But there were so little food, we were all complaining!!! I think I ate the most last night! Had 3/4 sausages, 1 burger, 1 chicken wing, 3/4 mushrooms, veggie and I think that's all!

They prepared tea light candles and laid the tables with them. (: Sharon and Jieying.

Austen and Lebby!

The tea light candles that formed a heart shape.


Sharon started taking photos as if it was her birthday so I took one for myself too!

Looks as if she's celebrating her birthday!

Random shot that Lebbs took. Fork and Lai Meng. Forkeng.

Xiao Ming with his burger! He was the first one to eat it. Guinea pig. (We gave him the name Xiao Ming, he's called Andrew actually)

Side view of the ups burger! Looks like a clam!

Front view of it! The beef patty is super rare (not like hard to find, but uncooked!). haha.

Group photo of us! (:

The seniors! Lebbs left early because he had the 42km run today!

Woohoo, this time round I didn't post up all food photos! I'm becoming nicer right, never torture all of you!

I gotta sleep soon cause I've work tomorrow at 930am! Sehhh, work for Jimmy, do auditing. Anyway, thank you ah tang for diligently clicking on the ads! You're the best! Seeee, happy or not, I mentioned you!

And not to forget, thank you Tanahli, Tanahling and JJ for showing care and concern when I was emo-ed ttm! Actually they showed concern after I messaged them about the outing, but still, thank you anyway.

Oh no, and bad news, my parents want me to go for some wedding dinner next Saturday, so I may not be able to meet Jaljals ): And since only Tanahling and Tanahli told me they are free, I just tell you all here! Maybe we meet on Sunday cansss??? (:

I'm like msning on my own blog talking to myself. Okayyys, it's time for bed!

Ohhh, and I just watched Easy A! Nice showwww! I want more of the kind of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" kind of show! Yet to watch Harry Potter and Rapunzel! I WANT!

Okayyy, goodnight all! (:

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