Monday, December 20, 2010

Shagged Like A Woof Woof

Hello friends. It's been a long week. I'm feeling really sleepy and tired right now but I've gotta clear my photos before more starts to pile up!

This week was an eventful week. (Eventful week also means no time to do auditing at all = will get scolded again!)

Let's see.

Tuesday was the stayover with Mafia at Bishan house. I had work on tuesday, then I went to meet them for dinner and we played Taboo. Photos are still in Ah Wee's camera, lagging her.

Wednesday was yay free day, but I have no idea where I went to. I know I didn't go home right after work. Probably out with Lebby??? I went to tuition at 11am. Then I went to work. Then what happened? Omggg, I'm suffering from memory lost. Will so get scolded by Chantel again.

Okayyy, Lebby just told me about my Wednesday. He's my personal planner. Wednesday was the day I ponned work, not Friday. -.- Skipped work, went home to do auditing after tuition, then out with Sharon to buy Atika's present after that! Yes, that's it.

Thursday was UOL Bash after work. Songminghan so thick-skinned, asked Caleb to fetch him. Met Ah tang and friends at Great World City and went there together. Headed home after the bash because the following day was Sentosa with the chem engine people.

The whole office went for a meeting, leaving me with nothing to do, so I entertained myself in the toilet.
Went up to the fourth level to entertain myself too, talked to Ronald and Daniel. 

Dinner was at Fish and Co. with Songminghan and Lebby. And I haven't paid Lebbs the money @.@

Retarded. That's his name.

Danish Fish and Chips.

New York Fish and Chips.

Singapore Fish and Chips!



Told you the center guy's name is retarded.

With Tangs and her friend.

Favourite photo of the day! So cute (:

Annie and Tangs! (:

Lebby parked at Great World City so when we were walking over to collect the car, we took more photos along the way.

Sentosa with the chem engine people. And Lebby had a sore eye so he didn't go.

My two boobie gingerbread friends!

Group photo before Chunxiong and Sherry came over to join us.

Joycelyn was super pro, she caught 6/8 little crabs that we caught that day!!! I didn't catch any. hee, no skill.

After Sentosa was cell, then over to Bishan house for mahjong and stayover with the xclusives!

When Minghan's around, you gotta keep smiling.

The two of us just had to keep smiling.

Songminghan went to camp at the door so when Sharon came out of the toilet, she will be captured instantly.

End result of not constantly smiling? Look at Waikit's face.

After sleepover, I had driving the following day. Then I went home to change before meeting Jaljals!!!

Met up with Jaljals on Saturday! And I bought a bag!!!

Posing with my new bag that I got from the flea.

Ashlyn and Amber! (:

Ashlyn and Auntie. I forgot what other names we gave her!!!

Yucky Mushroom Chicken Rice, don't eat it!!!

We walked from Somerset to Orchard, and decided to head to Rochor Tauhuey. So we bus-ed back there again!
Heehee, my brain's fried, not working, too tired.

Can't blog nicely.

Today was Atika's 21st! We got her a Guess bag and top! Heehee. And and we went for her party and took many awesome photos! Hooray. Photos are in Hasan's camera. Really super nice never bluff you all.

And brain's so tired, eyes are closing, I'm not even blogging in proper English.

Can't wait for Taiwan, when I can finally rest and not see questionnaires!

Right. Baybeeee.

Talking nonsense. Minghan is nonsense. So Minghan Minghan Minghan Minghan Minghan.

Goodnight. I want to quit work and stay at home to slack.

Memory's failing. Need some pig's brains.

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