Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meow Meow Went Bonkers!


Ugly photo of me to start the post! Main focus of the picture: HAIR! Oh and my new top/dress which cost me $26.50 from a blogshop thank you very much, I feel very heart-pain for my wallet.

I think all of you can expect what I'm gonna blog about!!!

That's WORK!!! Alright, work was pretty cool today. Half the time I wasn't doing work work, I was walking around to places to get stuff done. I walked to UE Square to get back Chantel's interviewer's umbrella cause Chantel borrowed it and she left it at UE Square after her lunch. Then, I walked up and down the staircase twice, once to pass some questionnaires to a taxi uncle, the other time to take the questionnaires from the same taxi uncle. Just kept walking up and down from 3rd to 4th level too cause Chantel kept asking me to check questionnaires. I'm proud of myself for doing lots of exercise. Hooray.

Let's see, recap of what I did for the past week.

Sunday I went to church, met Ah Tang for shopping and whacked like mad! Random shopping spree that day. Then I met Fabby for dinner and dessert!

Dinner was at Kim Gary Hongkong Cafe and I had my long time no eat Fried Pork Chop Mushroom RIce! Love it yummy!

Fabby's Cheese Curry Baked Beef with egg and potato and broccoli. 

Then we went for Honeymoon! HAHA! Dessert was at Honeymoon dessert. Fabby's Mango Pomelo Sago.

And my Mango Pudding! (:

New shoes for Taiwan!!! (:

You better say it's nice. It was on sale, only $15!

New high-waist shorts which I wore out today for work!

Other than the two buys, I bought other stuff and I bought a belt for my daddy! (:

Dinner today was at Bukit Timah Food Centre. Hokkien Mee.

Famous Carrot Cake.

And Udders for desserts! Jeannette was working there, so we got discount!!! (:

Fabby so nice, he bought me yoghurt bars! (:

Talking about the yoghurt bars, I feel so bad I made Fabby wait for me the other day. Sorry Fabby!!! ):

Today we went to Lillian's house again! No yummy fruits heehee. And I've 7 audits left to do, sehhh totally don't feel like doing...

And I like to say sehh ge lao sai these days. I don't know why. And sing song using Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow. Woohoo, I'm crazyy.

I gotta start doing my audit again but it makes me feel like sleeping.

And Tanahling, how come you deleted your blog? You better tell me the new blog address, if not I'll kick you! =p

There are so many things on this week, I seriously need a planner.

Stayover with Mafia tomorrow.
I think I'm free on Wednesday.
Gabby's Bash on Thursday.
Sentosa on Friday with Chem Engine people.
Driving and Jaljals gathering on Saturday.
Atika's 21st on Sunday.

Where to find the time to do the auditing???

That's why there should be 48 hours a day.

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