Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm So Un-Nice!

Gonna post photos.

Donut Factory Cheese Fries

Coleslaw and French Onion Soup

Baked Macaroni and Mushroom Pasta

Crazy Caleb

Caleb came over to my house to study on Monday and it was CPG day. Center Parting Guy/Girl day.

I really want to photoshop this to make us look less dumb, but lazy...

Fat face

3 caps on top of the pencil

Fat face CPG

My daily luck charms

Spot the mistake. Caleb made the mistake. Copy also copy wrong.


Lucky charms

Ah tang came to NUS to find me after my paper on 30th while Caleb and Sharon were having their papers.


Crazy people

Then Jimmy called me three times in a row to tell me about Monday's work

This was supposed to be a "Woah, such a nice scenery", not a "I want to fight" photo, Ah Tang.

Ah Tang is so scaryyy.

The big boobs photo. Photobooth enhances your boobs.

She's trying to scare the fishes away??

CPG Main focus: Ah Tang's ): face

Main focus: Still Ah Tang's ): face

My skinny head (Must use hair cover your face) vs Ah Tang's big head (never use hair cover face!) photo

To be fair, I decided to put a photo of my ugly side up so that it isn't always Ah Tang looking funny. 

My new pair of heels which Ah Tang and I saw. But there was only one pair so she let me buy it! Thankyou tangtang.

Random five dollars tee.

Cropped tee I bought online. Haven't worn it out yet cause it looks fat.

Top I bought online, haven't worn it yet too.

Black pepper chicken chop from Hongkong cafe. Dinner with Caleb and Tang after my work on Thursday.

Today after I passed my FTT 49/50, Caleb treated me to lunch at Crystal Jade. We shared Zha Jiang Mian.


And pork dumplings in Chilli Sauce

Met Peiyu and Benny after cell tonight at Tom N Toms.

French Toast.

Java Chip Tomcinno.

We passed Benny his present. Light saber chopsticks and 2 star wars posters!

Chopsticks that Caleb bought for Benny.

Finally, finished narrating the stuff. Goodnight people, I'll be fine tomorrow!

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