Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm In Taiwan! (:

Hello dear friends,
I'm blogging from Taiwan!

I'm staying at Taipei Backpackers and it's super super nice cause there are many many computers and laptops lying around for you to use! (:

And although it's small, it's really cosy and niceeee!

And and and, haha so many ands, I saw Lynn (my NJ senior here too!)

The shower is crazy x100 cause the water fluctuates from ice cold water to boiling hot water to normal warm water to ice cold water to boiling hot water again! Crazy water, but don't worry, I found 1 particular bathroom that is non-crazy! heeee.

Anyway, it's super fun here. Although it's winter and everywhere's selling winter clothes, I bought like 8 items already! Not all for myself lah okay.

Eat, walk, shop, walk, eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep.

WALK WALK AND MORE WALKING. I'm gonna have super nice legs when I get back.

hahaha, I'm crazy. We went to the hot spring today. Super hot the water crazyyy.

Okayy, flabby's bored already. Goodbye! (:

nnnnnooooooooo im notttttttttttttt

That was him. See how bored he is. lol.

Goodbye. I love it hereeeee! (:

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