Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Food Blog!

Don't you realise my blog's transforming into a food blog instead of a daily update blog? I so love to upload photos of food....

Okayy, it's more like I only take photos of food these days and nothing else! So nothing to upload except for the photos of food! So, you can't really blame me right?? (:

I'm terribly sorry for the people who still visit my blog because I've been really busy with work for the past few days! After work, there will be other things to keep me occupied and thus leading to the lack of updates you know! 

Right, my last post is on Sundayyyy!!!

What did I do on Sunday? Ohhhh, I was home the entire day! Then I went to meet Lebby and yeah, ate and came home. I watched 4 episodes of a new drama on that day! Happy!!! But I don't have the time to carry on watching because I've so many things to do these days! No timeeee.

Monday, Jimmy asked me to bring a friend along to work, so I brought Caleb along. We were supposed to report at 930am and we did! So punctual, us! Then he made us wait till 11am before someone came and gave us work. Okayy, logically speaking, there wasn't any work, someone came to give us training for the job. Then we were free and we left for PS and Cathay to have lunch and watch Harry Potter! That was the free-est day so far this week! We met Austen and Ah Cai when we were going over from PS to Cathay! We saw them at the road! Alright, they saw us, we didn't see them till we were like right opposite them! Haha, such a coincidence. Monday was our Happy Days! 

In the cinema when Caleb and I were watching the movie, there was this person with extra extremely smelly feet and the smell just kept coming! It was like on and off and the two of us really wanted to dieeeeee and puke on the spot every single time the smell floated by us!!! It was such a horrible experience!!!!!

Okayy, back to topic, Harry Potter was nice though! (((:

I shall post up some of the photos while I talk about my days!

I think we had Pontian on Sunday for dinner! ((: My all-time favourite!!! (:

On Monday before work, we had Chwee Kueh for breakfast! Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh! ((:

Then we had Pizza Hut student's meal for lunch! They got the orders wrong so we got an additional Pepsi for free which we didn't exactly drink.

My Chicken Pomodoro.

I took out all the peas and olives and asked if Caleb wanted them.

And he said he didn't mind eating them, but he gave this face when I passed the spoon to him.

I have no idea why he gave such a torturous face when he agreed so readily when I asked him. haha.

His Curry Baked Rice.

We had quite some time before the movie so we sat down at some random spot and took photos.

Alright, after the movie, Caleb wanted to have Soup Spoon for dinner so we walked from Dhoby to City Hall to have dinner!

His Clam Chowder.

Mine. Chicken Ragout. Some Simon and Garfunkel.

We changed one bread to a plain naan and ordered Caesar Salad and Lemon Tea! Redeemed a free Green Tea too! I love the salad!! ((:

The following day was work again! I work, work, work, work all day longggg. Then I had tuition after work!

My Duck noodles and his Century Egg Pork Porridge. This was lunch.

I had Fried Fish Beehoon for dinner after my tuition!

Went to Udders to meet the rest of the Chem Engine people! Sharon, Caleb and I shared Lychee Martini (NICEE!!!), Snickers and Mars Honeycomb ice cream, Awesomely Chocolate (SUPER THICK!) and ChocMarsh! 

Wednesday was work again! Everyday work, SEH! Then after work, Caleb and I went to explore Nex cause I've never been there before!

The hokkien mee at the food court. I think Toa Payoh's one is nicer!!

Har Gou and Siew Mai. 

Scallop Dumplings. All the Dim Sum cost $3.50 each!

Dessert was Yoghurt Snow Ice. Super weird when I sent this into my mouth cause it didn't taste like yoghurt at all!
Thursday was badminton with the Chem Engine people, Andy and his friend. Then we had lunch, Caleb sent me home to bathe before he sent me to WORK again! Thank you baybee!!

Worked for 2 hours before I chionged off to Kranji with him for JB!!! Met Beho, Puden and his friend, Shawn Tan and his girlfriend there. Then Kumlong was so late we almost starved to death!

And off to the seafood place for dinner/supper at JB!!!

We had Steamed Fish (Kumlong was so cheapskate, he asked the auntie for the biggest and the cheapest fish! When the auntie named out two, she said one's $40 and the other's $30++, he immediately said he wanted the $30++ one!!!), Sambal Lala, Cereal Crayfish, Sambal Kangkong, Fuyong Egg, Claypot Tofu and Deer Meat! Cheap cheap!!! (:

Then after we came back from JB at around eleven plus twelve, we went over to the Bishan house for a stayover. Caleb and I practically went there to sleep cause by the time we went there, Qiyang was already sleeping and the other two were lying on the mattress already!

There was tuition today at Christel's. We had breakfast at the market first before Caleb sent me to tuition! (:

Christel's Iphone 4. Primary 5 next year and she owns an Iphone. Good life.

After tuition, home to change before I went to work again!

After work, I walked from my workplace to Orchard to meet Songminghan, Waikit and Sharon for dinner. Super sehhh. Muscle aching like mad from badminton, my back almost broke. Shoteppan for dinner! (((: Love that place.

Then it was shoppingggg! I didn't buy anything (Great Achievement!), the rest bought like a lot of things!


I love the Taka paper bag. I didn't buy anything, but Waikit bought something. So he went to ask the cashier for another paper bag and I threw my own bag into the paper bag and pretended that I bought something. I've 2 smaller ones inside the big one. So cuteeee.

After I parted with them, I went over to Raffles place to meet up with the rest. Caleb, Austen, Jieying, Shawn, Karthi, Puden, Kumlong, Beho and his girlfriend and 2 other random Jieying's friends.

Then it was home sweet home. Finally.

I wanna sleep so badly but my hair's not dry yet. I've 9 audits with me now and I have no time to do them at all!!!

Alright, end of blog post, I'm tiredddd.

Holidays don't feel very holidayish cause of work!!!

Goodnight. I need more time. Like 48hours a day will be good.

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