Monday, December 20, 2010

Awesome Photos I've Gotta Share!

Hey people, I was here yesterday to blog and guess what? Woohoo, I'm back again with more awesome photos. Actually this blogpost is gonna be flooded with my face, my face and more of my face. If you don't feel like seeing my face, my face and still my face, I'm not asking you to leave. You can just don't look at my face and look at other people's face heeee...

Hasan's camera is so awesome, it takes wonderful photos. P.S It makes me look super fair. I like.

The presents that we got for her and a handmade card! (((:

Group photo of Booza! ((:

Retarded fringe of mine, but still nice colour of the photo!!!

With Ah Cai! (:

Hasan with his just rebonded flat hair!!!

Sebby my econs buddy!


The birthday girl with the guys!

Girls!!! (:

Another group photo cause the previous one Chloe was missing!

The birthday girl was spammed with water balloons!

I was super greedy I ate super a lot! 3 chicken wings, 3 sausages, 3 donuts, and a lot of other food!

I made all of them do the big face shot! (:

With the birthday girl, Kaka!


This was supposed to be a show your hair shot, no idea why Hasan pointed to his eye!

Hasan got flat hair!

Hasan's big face!









Meee! For more photos of everyone's big face big eyes shot, go to facebook!


Why his camera so niceee???

Lennard, the Topman model.

Ah Cai the bag model.

Austen, the 'why am I doing this' model.

Caleb, heh model.

Hasan and Lennard, the shoes models.

Iphone model, Chock.

This was supposed to be a cardi model, he ended up showing his chest? Sebby Soh.

Dress model!

Random modeling shots!

Cool face Ah cai.

We're modeling for watches! (:

Fabby! (:

This was supposed to be a flick hair commercial kind of photo, but fail....

The three flick-hairs retards...

Yay, end of my photos. Happy to see many many photos???

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