Friday, December 24, 2010

All You People Better Thank Me!

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I'm still really extremely broke. But today I finally mastered my courage and borrowed money from my mummy. She didn't reject me, she didn't agree but i'm guessing silence means consent (:

As you know, my parents aren't giving me allowance. Okay, actually  my daddy gave me a thousand dollars like quite long ago and asked me to use it for my allowance, but it finished really quickly (I'm a shopaholic) and it was really quite long ago ): so yeah, no more money. And every time he asked if I have enough money to spend, I'll say yes because I don't wanna make him worry about me. But I know I have absolutely not enough money at all!!!

Anyway, despite being really broke, Caleb and I shared presents for everyone who's going for Sharon's party. Even though each of the present may not be very expensive, but the total amount added up to quite a large sum okayy. So when you receive the present, please feel extra happy and grateful that I'm giving Christmas presents to yall! Seriously.

And I was really touched when Liling told me she would lend me money if I really really have not enough money. I cried the moment I saw the message. Not that I was sad, I was really very extremely touched. And my boyfriend is always telling me how he doesn't mind sponsoring my expenses and stuff when he himself is really extremely broke. Sharon too, told me that I can borrow from her! 

I'm really really grateful that I've super nice friends who will help me. But no, I'm not gonna borrow money from them because I know I shouldn't. Thank you dear friends anyway!!! (:

I'm not feeling emo today, don't worry! I'm just here to blog for fun because Fabby's out running. And sorry Jaljals, no presents for yall, I'll bring a packet of Potato Chips for the stayover!! ((:

Today was presents wrapping day!!!

I'm serious, you all better be thankful!


Thank you my beloved friends and boyfriend! (:

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