Thursday, November 18, 2010

You All Better Be Thankful!

I'm watching the news cause mummy's watching it and I just heard some stunning news! Remember I plucked my wisdom teeth out some time ago? The pharmacy gave me 2 bottles of Oral Guard to rinse my mouth with every day, so that there will be no infection!

And the news just said, they are recalling the Oral Wash back because it contains some chemicals which may cause some low-resistance people to have infections!! So I was thinking, I've already finished 2 bottles of it and now, they are supposed to be called back. Hohoho. Plus, the dentist told me I'm not supposed to spit out the blood when I rinse my mouth because the blood clot may be forced out too, so I swallowed quite some amount of that liquid since I'm supposed to swallow the blood together with it. -.-

BUT I think the affected batch doesn't involve the one that I had? Anyway, I think I'm living fine.

So that was just to inform you, if I ever die of a sudden death, it will probably be due to that?

Okayys, another thing! The lecturer of 2101 (my first paper) just emailed us to inform us that we will not be allowed to bring in calculators for the exam! Like wth?!?!? I've been practising all the calculations and stuff?!?! Now we are all confused about the format of the paper!!!! >:(

Rahh, alright, there are many many long overdue photos I've yet to blog about! Woohoo, my life again. Exams coming, still keep going out.

This is just to entertain those really bored, no exams people!!! Be thankful to my post okayy! It's gonna make you super hungry or super excited or super happy cause you will take 15 minutes reading my blog! Aren't you glad I wasted some of your time???


Happy days make me happy! (: Happy Happy, lack of vocabulary, I'm sorry.

I feel like I'm talking rubbish and this one post is so gonna be the only post when you come to my blog cause it's so long, the rest of the posts will be kicked out!


This is my very lazy boyfriend whose favourite pastime is sleeping. See the turtle on his hand? He's a tortoise.

One random day when Lebbs came over to my house for lunch (he's been coming to my house for lunch cause mummy always asks me to invite him over!), mummy cooked really nice dishes which I love love love a lot!!! (:

A purplefairyhorse that Lebby drew, which totally doesn't look like a horse!

Squirtle face that the boy below loves to give!

See, told you he loves Squirtle! Waddle, waddle!
One random night after studying, we went to Fong Seng for supper!

I was wearing this stars tee that I've never worn before, even though it was in my wardrobe since forever, and Lebbs wrote on my status using my account. About my teacher giving me a lot of stars on my top cause I was excellent or something! haha.

Tissue Prata that I would never want to eat again. Not that it isn't nice, it's sweet and crispy, but it's just troublesome to eat it! Gotta use your hands!

Aussie and Ah Cai!

Super cute no eyes! hahaha.

And I didn't make him do this, i promise! He said his hair was irritating him, so he borrowed my rubberband and did this to himself! Lebbs' a jokeR! He's not a joke okayy, he'll be sad if you call him a joke! 

Was bored during econs lecture and I played with Jianhua's Iphone and tadah, broke the high score woohoo! Only played once and I did it! (:

Benny treated us to prata at Prata House on a random Thursday I think. Chicken Roti John and Chicken Curry!

The pratas! I think it was Benny's Banana Cheese and Lebbs' Bomb and Plain Prata! 

My Mushroom Cheese Prata!

Then we went to have dessert, Mango Pomelo Sago! Thank you Lebby for the treat! (:

Benny digging his hole!

Peiyu with her sweet potato in ginger soup!

See the hole that we've dug?

Flabby! (:

After work on Monday, Lebbs and I went to Kura at Plaza Sing for Ramen dinner! This is my White Miso! Love the egg very very much! (:

Lebbs' Red Miso! I think mine's nicer! (:

I drove the car from the arts carpark to SRC carpark on Monday! And my parking is super awesome! Didn't even adjust it much! Aren't you proud of me??? (:

Lebbs driving, with Ah Cai and Aussie in the background!

Prata House with Songminghan and Sharon! Went there to meet the IJ Juniors and coach that day!

Maggie Goreng! I prefer Fong Seng's one though!

Saizeriya with Lebbs' family on Sunday! Smoked Duck Appetizer! (: $5.20+

Lebbs' main course, Hamburger and Pork! (: $7.10+

Cheese Baked Scallop! Another appetizer! $5.20+

My free lunch! My meal came super super long late when all of them had finished their meal! So Lebbs' mother complained to the manager and I got a free meal! Cheese Hamburger! Super nice I love it! (: Usual price is $7.10+

The following day, on Monday after my work, Lebbs and I went to Saizeriya again to try the Squid Ink pasta! $5.20+ Not my cup of tea, I think it's weird! And when we went to Liang Court, we bought chocolates for Lillian's birthday! The auntie kept feeding us with samples of chocolates! (:

The black teeth/lips strange guy.

I've natural black lipstick on!

Rib-eye steak! $9.80+

Captured this right after he put a huge amount of the pasta into his mouth!!! Fat face haha!

Then I went for driving and for dinner, we went to Shoteppan at Ion Orchard! (: $10.90+

Yummy!!! (:

Lunch at YIH. Fried Chicken Cutlet Noodles!

Koi Bubble tea! (:

Black bags woohoo.

Today, we went to Tully's Coffee to study! Cappuccino that Lebbs ordered!

Tako balls! (: We bought one box of prawn (The prawns inside were pathetic! Less than half a prawn in each tako ball!) and a box of Ham and Cheese! (:

Novena Fish Head beehoon for dinner! (:

Black Sesame Paste at Pontian!

Yay, end of hunger-inducing post! I'll start studying at 12 when the show's over! (:

I took very long to write this post okayy! PLEASE APPRECIATE MY HARD WORK THANK YOU! (:

I've exams on:
20 Nov (Saturday!)
22 Nov (Monday)
26 Nov (Friday)
27 Nov (Saturday)
30 Nov (Tuesday)

Pray for me! Wish me luck! Message me something nice! Anything will be good.

Thank you! ((((:

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