Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will I Ever Start Studying?

Hello, here to blog again! (:

I'm listening to "Just The Way You Are" and Bruno Mars looks like some ex-eyecandy of mine! So I feel very happy watching the mv, feels like he's singing to me. HAHA!  

Alright, an eventful week as usual. Met up with Jaljals and 'Xclusive and Usual 5 for our project too!

Let's see, my last post was on Tuesday.

Wednesday, we went over to Sharon's house to film the last part of our project. The movie's great, thanks to our great editor, Claudio Chock! Haven't seen the finished product yet, but I'll be seeing it tomorrow, so exciting!!!

Mr Professor and Scarlet Me!
CPG! Center Parting Guy!

Mr Toot is not in Singapore now!

The specs with no lenses!

Flabs looks like he's doing some funny dance!!!
We had red wine! Sour red wine, so we couldn't drink it.. it was purely for acting use!

The tall couple! (:

With the undrinkable red wine! It smelt awesome but I couldn't drink it!

As usual, the spastic face. haha.


I'm Snow White with an Apple. haha.

Thursday morning, I woke up early to have BK breakfast with Caleb! No 8 hours of sleep cause we reached home really late after filming. But breakfast was pretty good (:


Round face dude.

Then we stayed back in school for editing after school. Actually, I played with Chock's Iphone app "Cooking Academic" for the few hours when Chock was editing the movie!

Didn't wear contacts to school that day cause my eyes were hurting.

It was Seb's birthday, so Lebbs and I bought him Famous Amos! (: I think Seb's a really nice guy, and he's single and available. If you're interested, please don't be shy and tell me! (: Sebastian Soh, go check it out on facebook. haha! And Caleb thinks Seb's very handsome! HAHA!

And Caleb had to leave for Malaysia to visit his grandparents on Friday.. so even though we were really tired, we skyped on Thursday night and awww, so sweet. Got a heart from him. haha.

Then on Friday, in the morning before he left, he came to pass me Vitagen and his hard disk and a letter. Yayyy, addition ten points for him! haha.

Friday was public holiday, so in the afternoon, I went with Daddy and Mummy to cousin's house to see her baby boy! (:

Baby Jaeden! (:

Daddy with the baby! (:

This is Noel. My other cousin's son!

Clarice! My cousin's first child. Looks exactly like her!

Exciting, then Jaljals met up in town at 4pm! And Gabby was one of the earliest!!! Shockinggg!!!

These are photos from my phone. We were trying out heels at New Look after dinner, and we saw this extra tall and comfy heels! It's like extra mega tall. Super extra tall and I love it a lot a lot. But it's like 60 bucks. No money!

I'm like super a lot taller than Gabs after wearing the heels!

Ling's like in front so she looks as tall. But in fact, I think the heels are like at least 15cm tall!

Love the heels totally!!! Super comfortable and it doesn't hurt at all! And my thighs are the same size as my calves. My calves don't become skinnier even though I've been losing weight for no reason.

Then Ahli, Ling and I oovoo-ed at night after we reached home!!

(: Tpy gang.

Cool effects!

Then ahli left, so the two of us continued. haha.

We have twins!!!

Now, photos from Ahli's camera!

At Ion, in front of a random mirror.

While waiting for Jess, the five of us went to Level 4 to rest our feets!

Love the lighting!!! (:

I think tanahling looks funny but nice here. haha!

Gabs' fav pose! And all of us were doing the left side cause she showed us the left side, and she herself did the right side!

So, take again! All right side!

At some pasta place at Wheelock which was opened by Sakae!

Tanahling can't do this lower lips over upper lips pout!

And she kept trying...

And trying...

All of us can do it.

Gabby can do it.

Only Tanahling can't do it!!!

All the same pouts!!!

Except for Tanahling! HAHA! *laugh at her like mad*

Shunli with her Unagi Soup Pasta.

Ling with her Unagi Soup Pasta.

And she insisted on putting the onion in her mouth to take a photo!

Jessica with her Soft Shell Crab Pasta in Tomato Cream! Super awesome!!!

Gabby with her Salmon and Asparagus Pasta in Wafu Cream Sauce.

Then Ling made Jess go the same thing as her!

And she made me do it too. WIth the Asparagus in my mouth!

My Scallop and Asparagus Pasta in Wafu Sauce, so so. but a lot of scallops!

Joyce and her Carbonara.

Photo taken with Joyce's Iphone! (:

Birthday Girl!!! (: No longer a teen. The last of Jaljals to celebrate her birthday!!!

Love the girls!! (:

Young girl, cannot be late anymore okayy!!!

Teddy bears at Taka. We were on our way to Rochor for Tau Huey!

Gabby is my hubby!

And Tanahling, please claim your present from Tanahli, she forgot to bring the present yesterday!!!! So, go demand it from her!! (:

Today, I had driving and it was a massive disaster. Got scolded so badly I almost cried in front of the instructor's face. He kept scolding non-stop and my tears formed at the bottom of my eyelids and seriously, they almost fell off. Then I kept looking up and away from him to contain them!

I striked the back curb while parking, then when I was adjusting, I striked the front curb and failed like crapppp. Then I striked curbs while I was driving, past the center line while turning... and the worst one was, I mounted the curb for 3 seconds! I went up the curb and drove on it for a few seconds before coming down!

Got shouted at like madddd! And lesson ended like damn a lot earlier than usual. I think he didn't even want to see me anymore.

Was damn depressed and sad, and when Songminghan came to pick me up after driving, I cried the moment I started telling him about driving. The worst thing is, there's driving again on Monday!  So, FML! I really can't help myself from saying that...

Met the rest of 'Xclusive and caught the movie "Due Date". Comedy, quite funny. After the movie, Mel and Songminghan left to meet their other friends, leaving Waikit, Hanxie and I. The three of us went to Sakae for buffet!

I'm like so broke I didn't want to go in, and they are super nice I swear, they sponsored me half of the cost of the buffet!!! I only paid $10! So nice, so nice. Thankyou Waikit and Hanxie!!! Spent so much money yesterday, eating and settling the presents money, I'm like so broke. And driving costs so much too!! Rahhh.

I'm trying to upload the photos onto facebook but it's taking forever. Ate a lot of food at Sakae. And I think my friends are super nice, seriously. haha!

Now, the food photos!!!!!

Student's buffet cost is $15.90++ on weekends! Don't even need to show student card or what! Each includes one red and one pink plate, dessert and udon and unlimited other colour plates! This is like some salmon mango sushi.

The best, the best, the best. I must always eat this when I eat at Japanese Sushi Place! Lobster Salad!!!!! We took 2 plates of this! Red plate must ration! I ate one whole bowl of this by myself!!!

Other other random sushis.

Fried Tofu!

Abalone/Scallop and Fish Roe and Tamago Sushi.

I like! (:

2 Brownies and 1 Mango Ice Cream.

They got cheated! Their brownie ice cream is like, only the top part is chocolate/brownie, the rest is vanilla ice cream!!!

Baby Octopus Sushi (: and Spicy Salmon which was super pepperish and spicy! Not nice!

Waikit with Songminghan in the photo! That was the time when we went to visit OCS and all of us volunteered Minghan to be the one to be dressed and painted!


Woohoo, super long post! Lots of photos! Such a great accomplishment. I should really start studying. Lagging like crazy. Playing like mad!

I'm so dead!

I wanna play Modern Warfare and play bowling and stayover at Annie's place with Jaljals and go eat Dim Sum with them and just play play play non-stop!!!

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