Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Just To Be Evil

Make all of you feel hungry!


Today I went to work, so I didn't really study! My paper's on Friday and Saturday but somehow I feel very relaxed still. I should study soon! Soon.

I decided to blog today because Lebbs told me he was blogging, so I shouldn't lose to him and at the same time, I should entertain you readers who still bother to come to my blog! (:

Shall go get some inspiration from Lebby's blog now.

Back! And yeah, we got A+ for our Gek Project! Awesome!!! And the comments said the editing skills were great! So thank you Chockolate for saving us! (: Then there was "Austen did a good job to act the old general. However, he does not really look that old... maybe more makeup needed? In addition, a close-up shows Caleb was smiling? when he was hit in the library."

HAHA! Lebbs... award for being the worst actor LOL!

Alright, I'm feeling very tired cause I think I woke up early todayyy! But I should be hardworking and start studying for my papers!!! That's later.

Now I'm gonna be evil and spam photos of food! Tanahling and Tanahli, don't drool! Hee. I think only the two of them are my loyal readers! Cause they still comment and mention me on their blog *beams* very honoured to be featured there! (:

I bought a new suitcase for the Taiwan trip cause the ones at home are too small! Cheap Cheap cause it was on sale! (:

Novena Square 2 Donut Factory is our favourite mugging place now! It's empty and really conducive! (: This is double choc donut which is hard and un-yummy!

I made Lebbs order the Mushroom pasta for his lunch cause he hasn't had lunch when I met him. Then I kept koping from him!! Then during dinner, I had it for dinner by myself!!! 

His beef burger during dinner! (: I prefer my Mushroom pasta! (:

We had pontian the next day after studying at Donut Factory again! (:

Saturday after my paper, we went over to Bishan house to discuss our gek work. And dinner was at Ding Tai Feng! The Zha Jiang Mians! (: And forgot to thank bay-bee for sending me to school for my paper which was at 9am! He woke up early to send me to school!!! (((:

Sharon and I shared this Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop and Zha Jiang Mian!

And all of us shared xlbs! (:

Sunday? Went to Donut Factory again!!! Lebby's Cappuccino which came with a free Glazed Donut.

Dinner was at Ramen Monster!!!

No idea why he's so happy haha.

Our ramens! It was so so only. Not much taste. Mine didn't have garlic and spring onions! The EGG was da best though. The best egg ever! (:

Look at the tasty egg!!!

Mini Gyozas. Super mini.

On Monday before our Gek, we went to school to study for the exam which was at 5pm. And Lebby drew the tortoise, and said it's a lucky charm.

After the exam, we went over to Ikea for dinner. Kid's pasta and Salmon Ratatouille. 

Meatballs and Chicken Wings!

Today's breakfast by mummy was great, Eggs, Fish fillets and Fries! (:

Lunch at Saizeriya again! Soup served with the lunch set!

Sliced pork with Chicken Wings set! 

The Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta! The total bill for today was only $10 plus cause the person forgot to charge us an additional $1.50+ for the drink bar!

Desserts! Everything With Fries (EWF) Strawberry Cheesecake! (:

And today's lucky charm was a crab cause I saw a huge poster of chilli crab! 

Tako Balls from 313! Can mix and match! There's prawn, scallop, octopus and beef and cheese here! 4 balls! (:

Shilin Chicken and Oyster Mee Sua for dinner before coming home! (:

Yay, end of my evil post to make all of you hungry! I wanna sleep!!! But then again, my subconscious self will be blaming myself for not studying. Dilemma. I got to fight against my will to sleep to study.

I'm so lazy I'm not gonna read through my blogpost to spot for mistakes and I'm just gonna post it!

I Love Maths
I Love Maths
I Love Maths

I hope if I say it three times, I'll succeed in psychoing myself that I love 2104?

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