Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Im A Photoshopper!

As much as I like shopping, I'm into photoshopping these days! Right, I've been using photoshop for random photos these days.

Come to think of it, I'm wasting a lot of time on my lappy, I haven't been studying.

Today started out not very happily. I happily woke up early cause Lebbs and I were supposed to go for BK breakfast. Then he was printing my notes so he left his house late, and there was a jam and he reached interchange late. And so we missed the BK breakfast, and had to settle for Macs breakfast. I really very much wanted to eat the BK breakfast that Tanahli and Pat had been raving about!!!

No Bk breakfast, went to school.

Anyway, went to Island Creamery with Ah Cai, Aussie and Lebbs after my tutorial. Tub of Reverso shared among the four of us again! (((: Then it was home sweet home for instant noodles dinner!!!


Honey Stars Ice Cream from BK!

Nerdy Tofu!!

Studious Padding!

Lebbs with Padding! (:

Yummy Yong Tau Foo at HDB Hub! I like it a lot! (:

Bugis day to look for Shun's pressie. I LOVE TAIMEI!

BBQ Chicken and Tofu Fries which was so so only.

Sweet Potato which is love!!!

My new pair of flats from Far East!

Popeyes at Novena! (:

Monday when we went to Ramen Santouka at Clarke Quay Central!

My Miso Ramen!!

Lebbs' Spicy Soya Paste Char Siew Ramen! I threw all my spring onions and onions to him! (:

Nice photo of the fattyboy.

We walked over to Raffles City and had our desserts! (:

This is how I'll look like if I spam eyeliner!!! 
It's time to show you my photoshop skills again!!!

Alright, that's the end of my post! Please don't say I look like some Halloween character thank you very much.

Goodbye! (:

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