Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Amazing!

haha, my ex-eyecandy feel. I like. I know Pat hates this song cause it's so spammed by people. I'm singing it like crazy at home. On repeat mode.

And everytime I take my weight at Sharon's house, it will decrease by a kg. There's a worm in my stomach and I want to dig it out. I want my BIG BIG appetite back! The other time when I took my weight at her house after I had a filling dinner, it was 44.1kg. I was 47-48kg last time. Where did my 4kg go to?!?!?!?! My uncle keeps telling me to go exercise, play badminton cause I look like I'm shrinking... Okayy, I'm sure people wanna stab me for complaining about becoming lighter, BUT....

I WANT TO EAT A LOT A LOT A LOT WITHOUT FEELING FULL. Nowadays I feel like puking after eating a bit! ):

What happened to my stomach?

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