Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baybee Is So Cute

Caleb was telling me his childhood story and I think it's super funny so I came to blog!!!

He said he was locked in school once cause he was playing computer games in class and they locked the staircase! So, he ended up having to jump out of the window from the second level! HAHA! Scaryy max! The funny thing was, only he sprained his ankle even though 6 or 7 of them jumped down.

And you know what's the reason he told me?

Cause he was too fat! HAHA!

So cute luh. Too fat so too heavy, then jump down from the window sprain ankle. Plus all of them got caught by the teacher cause he happened to drive past while they were jumping. haha

Every single time he tell me some childhood story, I'll remember the one when he said he carried his school bag and it was too heavy so he fell backwards!

HAHAHAHA!! Super funny. Imagine a fat little boy falling backwards. LOL! That's Flabby!

hahaha, so evil I keep laughing at him. He's very slim now okayy, you all cannot laugh at him! Only I can! heeeeee.

Okayy, got my pay today! (((: Happy! (:

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