Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yucky People

I dislike friends who are crazywhysoscheming! They are like so irritating, annoying and like slutssss!!! =p

Don't worry, I still love many of my friends like Jaljals (PUT YOU ALL FIRST EHH MY BELOVED GIRLFRIENDS!) - Tanshunli, Tanliling, Tanmeilin Annie Gabby Tan Hammie, Teoliting Joyce, Nghuishan Jessica and Limangie Patricia.

Not forgetting 'xclusive - Wongshiyuen Melissa, Songminghan Sing (hahaha, Sing Song, even though you're very evil, at least you're not scheming), Phoonwaikit Yu (Phoon-Yu LOL!), Chaihanxie, Neoengkwan.

Actually, there are more groups of people to name out... but it's like super obvious if I leave out someone's name or something, then it's like so obvious I'm trying to say that particular someone is scheming!!!

So, yay end there. Don't think I know their full name anyway haha!

And I've lots of work to do but I just feeling like blogging. Hee...

Yesterday I went to play lan with lebbs' friends (Benny, Kumlong, Austen, Beho, Shawn Tan, Puden, and another person I don't know his name!) So tiring but it was fun!!!

And I think it doesn't matter if someone doesn't care about you, because you should just feel more motivated to show that you're happier than that someone and that more others care about you!!!

I'm an evil person who likes to take revenge!!! *grinds teeth*

Show them you're happier and better than them!!!

Don't give up on yourself!!!

You know they're jealous of you! haha okayy maybe not, but just psycho yourself and say YES THEY ARE JEALOUS OF ME!!!

And tell yourself, I WILL BE STRONGER!!!

Oh yeahhhh, motivation speech!!!!

Do you feel motivated to be a better person???

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