Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The morning started out perfectly!!!! (:

Met fattyboy for breakfast at Hatched and I had Sir Benedict! (: It was like beyond awesome cause the tomato was so awesome and heavenly I felt as if I floated to heaven for the few seconds that I put the tomato into my mouth!!! The mashed potato was super super yummy too! Not the usual normal mashed potato sauce, it's like some mushroom sauce... NICEEE!!! I don't really like eggs in the first place, so the tomato and mashed potato was happier than the main dish itself!
Sir Benedict! $10!
Caleb's one. Smoked Salmon instead of Breakfast Ham!

After breakfast, we went to school for lessons... Then it was mugging session over at Central Library!!!
Crazy Seb kept moving his mouth when I was taking the photo! It wasn't a candid shot.
Aussie's zi-pai skill isn't that bad!
After a few shots, Alex suddenly came over and we asked him to take a photo for us. And he was laughing at us... cause who takes photos at Central Library! haha!
Nice photo! Look at my new pink top!!!!
Today in school, people's first reaction when they saw me was, "Why you today so pink???"

hahahaha, I like my pink top!!! (:

Tuition tomorrow at 11am! Means must wake up early...

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