Monday, October 18, 2010

Songminghan the crazy idiot!

Today I went to meet Songminghan and Waikit and went with them to shop for pants (according to Songminghan). Then when we reached taka, he said he was looking for short shorts not jeans. Then he insisted that pants meant shorts -.- No no no no.... pants = long... shorts = short!

Then dinner at Sho-Teppan (I LIKE!) before Mel came to join us!

Coffeebean was dramatic.

I think we made so much noise laughing like crazy people. Endless chains of laughter thanks to the mad Songminghan. So many bu-neng-shuo-de stories!!! (:

Seriously laughed non-stop thanks to the se-pek-pek Songminghan!

Okayys, I'm bored because CalebWongYongZhao didn't blog for me to read. He went missing again. Fainted in the toilet bowl! Must be.

Like very very very very very long ago, he said he will blog to entertain me...

Seems like it didn't happen after a long long long long time.

Long long time ago, in the Southern Province of China.

Alright, I shall go sleep.

Warning to Mr Wong, you better blog soon!!!! Rahhhhh. (Must threaten him if not he won't bother to!!!)

haha, byebye.

It was a happy day! (((:

And Peiyu gave me a caramel waffle, but by the time Lebbs brought it over, I brushed my teeth alreadyyy!!! It looks yummy though!! (((: Thankyouverymuchie! (:

Yayyyyy I finished watching my 3 webcasts. Happy like bird!!!

Blogg ahhh Fattyboy! Heeee.

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