Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shop Till I Drop!


Met Tanahli at tpy and trained to Clarke Quay together for Homeclub flea! Tanahling and Annietanhammie went clubbing last night and yeah, they couldn't join us!!! So it was the two shopping queens heading down to shop till we drop!

Fast and furiously, I got 2 pieces of clothing from Homeclub! Tanahli got a dress! Totally love my new buys!!! I'm totally totally in love with them even though the rest think it's a little weird. Don't worry, you get to see them later on! (((:

I'm so happy with my new clothes!!! (:

Shall just continue being happy, and forget about my tons of work!!!

Let's see. Today started off with tuition in the morning at 11am. Then Lebbs came and fetch me and we went to have cheap and good Yong Tau Foo for lunch at Toa Payoh Block 116! Very happy!
Boyboy drinking his lemon tea!

The yummy Yong Tau Foo recommended by Benny!

Tanahli and I hopped over to Scape for another flea but sad to say, there wasn't anything for us! Super hot somemore! The two of us wanted to do manicure! But we waited and waited and waited for so long for the manicurist to be done! Then Tanahling and Jess came over, and we decided not to do it anymore since it was getting late and all of them were hungry!

It was over to Hongkong cafe for dinner!!!
Tanahling and Jess!

Tanahli and I. We were wearing the same kind of dress! The translucent type of material at the back! (:

My dinner. Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Spaghetti!



The cute little boy at the back was super cute, he was talking to them! Then he started doing super cute actions too!!!

So cute!!! (((:

And Jess gave us stickers to paste on our phones!!!

Birthday cake for the birthday girl!

She was super embarrassed cause the staff there started playing the Birthday Song at the cafe and the song was in Chinese, and it sounded like a nursery rhyme!!!

Happy Birthday Pretty Tanlili!

Group photo! Jljls!!!

Oh finally, my top which I bought!!! LOVE IT, but they think the pattern isn't nice!!! I LIKE IT VERY MUCH OKAYYY!!!

Another $15 top! Not that cheap but I like it too! (((:

Nice right??? (((:
Heehee, I feel happy looking at my new clothes!!! I'm like very broke already! Should just stop going for fleas haha!

But I'm still happy! (:

Alright, I should start doing my tutorial that I'm supposed to submit on Monday!!!

Goodbye peeps.


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